Multiple Listings Question

I have 3 listings in one condo complex in Hilton Head Island. I have different availability in each one, but they are all the same except different floor plans. Is there a way to provide a link on each listing for my other condos so prospective renters can see availability/pics, etc? My original listing has a lot more reviews, so I guess it comes up higher in searches & books up quicker, however, my other properties are just as nice & have more availability, since they are newer listings! I’m a superhost, so I guess that helps, but I get so many more views with the one original property! i feel like I could rent the other condos a lot more if people could just get to them easier! TIA Suzanne

I have 2 condos in the same development a bit north of you in North Myrtle Beach.

Separate listings for each. For a while the first line of my description was: To see the other condo I have in this comfortable neighborhood, see the bottom of my profile page. After a year or so, each condo could stand on its own and appear fairly high on the listings.


Thank you! Did you post the link (are we even able to do that?) or the title of your other listing?

HELP again! I looked at my profile and only 2 of my 4 listings are showing up. How do I get all my listings on there? TIA!

Hi @Ejsb79 - if there’s a website glitch, then only Airbnb can help you there. Give them a call.

Regarding getting the word out, be sure that each listing has an original title. Then, in each listing, add (in CAPS if you like) ‘SEE OUR OTHER LISTINGS’ then add the title of the other listings. For example ‘dog friendly, one bedroom condo on lake’ or whatever. This way, people can simply copy your listing title and add it to the Airbnb search.

I have two listings in the same complex both accommodating two people. I have found that I sometimes get parties of four (two couples, parents and grown up kids, etc.) who book both apartments. It’s great for them because they get more privacy than they would in a place that sleeps 4 and yet they can join each other for meals and socialise in the evenings and so on.

There are plenty of services out there that allow you to make a free webpage - why not do that showing all your listings? You can link them through to the Airbnb listings and promote just the single page to social media.

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