Multiple listings in Sydney

Hi all,

Really just want to talk to someone who is hosting multiple properties in Sydney and does not own the properties. We have many questions to ask so please let me know if this sounds like you!

I know that the laws are currently being assessed so would love to know if you have any information on the outcome of that.

How do you find your landlords?

Do you have a separate career already and how does your airbnb income effect your tax?

Looking forward to hearing from someone in the know


Hi Richard,

Before our current tech startup business KeyHub (, we were multi-listing management company with 25 listings back in 2015. We have an insider in a sellers agency who have connections with owners of a to-be settled new apartment buildings. It’s in up north so the rental return was awfully low. We managed to convince them by offering either rental guarantee or extra % of return and undercut the recommended property management agent by the developer. Opportunities usually sit in newly established communities where owners are relatively young and open to short term rentals.

Vincent from KeyHub

I live in NSW. I have 8 rental properties, 1 is commercial retail, 2 are STR and the rest an standard rentals. If I discovered one my my tenants was offering a room on a rental site they would have a notice of termination in their hands so fast that the ink wouldn’t be dry! That’s how this landlord feels about it.strong text

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