Multiple chemical sensitivity cleaning product advice/recommendations

Hello all!! This is my first post here. I have one Airbnb that I clean in Joshua Tree, CA. We have a guest checking in next week that has multiple chemical sensitivity. I was instructed to use a certain laundry detergent by my boss for the bedding and towels. But as far as cleaning products I’m at a loss. The stuff I use to dust smells pretty strong, I also use windex and Clorox toilet bowl cleaner. I’m concerned that these products may be bad for the renter as well. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could use to dust, clean counter tops, mirrors, toilets, & bathtubs that would be better in this situation? I just want the renters to be really happy with their stay. Oh and also I’m going to have to do everything really fast because they are checking in on the same day someone is checking out. I’m even concerned about getting the laundry done in time because I’ll have to do two full loads since they are staying long I have to leave extra towels and such. I’m disabled and I’m in searing pain only 20 minutes into cleaning so working really fast is not really my strong suit but I think I’ll get through it. So another thing since I’m here, my disability causes me so much pain, the things that really set it off is sweeping, mopping, and making the beds. Sometimes these activities cause me so much pain I literately cry sometimes after only 5 minutes. Does anyone deal with the same issue and does anyone have any suggestions on how to help with pain. I was born with a spinal defect and I have more acquired spinal defects as well so the pain is in my very low back and extends across my back and to my hips. Thanks everyone!!!

Could you ask what the guest recommends using?

We use many all-natural cleaning products and laundry products from Celadon Road. Many of them have a scent, but the scent disappears entirely in a matter of minutes.

Their laundry powder comes in various scents, including unscented. We use the lime-scented laundry powder, because we both like the smell, even though it doesn’t last at all. You can smell it only when you start the washer. By the time the clothes are washed, the scent is gone.

We especially like their Lemon Mint Glass Cleaner. It smells mainly like mint, but the scent lasts perhaps a minute.

We also use their unscented foaming hand soap, shampoo, and shower gel. Those are things we provide for our guests.

Even our guests who say that they’re sensitive to smells/chemicals have never had a problem.

I used to sell the products but don’t any more. A friend of mine does, however. If you’d like a link to her site, let me know. I’ll message it to you.

I use Magic Erasers (melamine sponges) and a homemade solution of white vinegar and water for cleaning most the time. Now with CV19 I’ve added alcohol to the bottle. The toilet bowl cleaner sits a few minutes then gets flushed, that smell should disappate quickly. Open a window or turn on the fan in the bathroom to speed it up.

If I need to do extra scrubbing like bathtub scum I use good old fashioned Comet; table salt can be used as an abrasive. Baking soda and peroxide are also good cleaners but peroxide might be hard to find now.

As for pain, I have scoliosis. I went to PT and they showed me some stretches that are very effective. I take over the counter Aleve (naproxen sodium) when I’m going to be exterting myself. In CA I’d look at CBD options.

I mean no disrespect. But this host would not accept this booking. Hotels charge a significant premium for allergy free rooms. And they don’t guarantee that the guest won’t have an allergic reaction.

Simply put, I cannot be responsible for someone else’s allergies.

Having said that, the most effective cleaning material is water. Universal solvent. Completely allergy free. Stainless, cheap, effective.


Water, Alcohol and White Vinegar general cleaner. Baking Soda and White Vinegar for scrubbing showers/tubs.

I have chemical/scent sensitivities and allergies, and use mostly the Biokleen brand of unscented cleaning products (laundry detergent and their multi-purpose cleaner, as well as Bac-Out for stains and spills), and make my own spray cleaner for windows, mirrors, and solid surfaces using alcohol/water/vinegar/cornstarch (cornstarch helps for steak free surfaces). I also use Seventh Generation wipes for quick clean ups. Food grade citric acid is great for toilet bowl stains, and tough grime. I use wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets or liquid fabric softener. I use straight isopropyl alcohol for oft touched spots like door knobs, light switches, fridge handles, etc. Viral spread, however, has had me searching out some heavier hitters that I don’t normally stock.

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Thank you for your suggestions. Unfortunately I do not have direct contact, well… actually no contact with the home owner, and my boss is sometimes hard to contact because she has MANY Airbnb’s that she cleans in the area and we don’t always get good reception where we live so my main way of communicating with her is through text, and I don’t think she talks to the homeowner much either. So getting recommendations from the renter is probably not going to happen. My boss does have laundry detergent I’m suppose to pick up to use.

Also the only option/place to pick up new cleaning supplies is Dollar General. We live in a VERY remote area so them building a DG out here has helped a lot because a lot of the time I don’t have enough gas money to get to a town with more stores. I’m on a super limited income and rent uses up my monthly income with about $50 left over so my friend offered me this Airbnb to clean as my own. I only clean this one place and she has many others that she cleans. Her giving me this Airbnb as my responsibility has REALLY helped me a lot to get bills paid. I think I’m gonna use the magic erasers like another person suggested. I once got a pack of 50 magic erasers off WISH for $3.50 total including shipping and they worked just as good as name brand, I think it’s time to stock up again.

Thank you for your suggestion. Since you like magic erasers I wanted to share with you that I have gotten non name brand erasers off of WISH. It was 50 sponges for $3.50 total including the shipping. They were a tad smaller in size compared to name brand erasers but they worked just as good. I think I’m going to be ordering more, especially since I noticed last time that the switches and switch plates and door jambs were all kinda dirty.

Ya I totally get it. I’ve been sitting here worried because I don’t want my homeowner to get a bad review and I also want to be sure that the place is perfect for the renters stay. It’s very important to me that renters have a great time and if the homeowner gets a bad review for cleaning I know I’m gonna hear about it big time

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I’ve tried some non-name brand previously and didn’t like them. However, I may give these a go. Thanks for the tip.

I was suppose to have surgery 5 years ago but I declined cuz I didn’t have much help for my 9 year old at the time and I was scared. I have an appt soon with a surgeon to revisit the surgery option. I’ve been pretty bad for 10 years and I’ve finally had enough and will do anything to help the pain. I take opioid medication but I keep it relatively low dose. My doctor suggested smoking/vaping marijuana for my night time pain and it works well but I can’t use it during the day cuz it makes me sooo paranoid so I can’t really enjoy the pain relief. I’ve tried CBD a few times, different brands and dosages but it has never really worked for me.

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I have multiple chemical sensitivities. I WOULD NEVER expect an Airbnb host to make the place safe for me. I just ask that they wash bedding and linens in dye and fragrance free products, no dryer sheets and no air fresheners. I book places that have very little carpet and windows that open. I expect that I will have some reactions but I tell the host that I don’t expect it to be perfect. I too would not host a guest like this even though I understand. Too many things effect my experience everyday. If I travel, I expect some discomfort.


If you have a Trader Joe’s, perhaps try there for “organic” type cleaners. They have a lot of good stuff in that vein.

Edit: I see that you said you only have a dollar store nearby.

Trader Joe doesn’t have organic type cleaners. While their cleaners are better than some, it’s safer to look for free from dyes and fragrances. Also, note - unscented is Not fragrance free. Once the scents I’m allergic to is used to mask scents and is in unscented products.

They have a “free and clear” and plant based line.

Interesting because in the Boston Stores I have not seen this.

Here’s one of their products on ebay.

Except for the laundry detergent, non of the products are free of fragrance and dyes. Natural scents can still irritate people with fragrance allergies. Also, unscented is not fragrance free.

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This product is not fragrance free. Also, unscented products are not fragrance free.

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