Multicalender life's blood for 4 listings

Please if it is all possible to bring back the Multicalender …it made it possible to juggle 4 listings alone…Superhosts especially need to plan multiple arrivals like a ninja being everywhere at once… are we being forced to sign up for Guesty or another company to get this feature now?

No, see here:



Why not ask Airbnb? However, it’s fine for me.

Bless you to the moon thank you for trying to help me I will go there now… fingers crossed… its all the planning of the sheets and water cleaning etc. etc. etc. I am so visual it helps me tremendously to juggle it all.

have been reading about other hosts online who have called and called and explained and explained with no answers and to no avail.

And you can read here about hosts who have no problems with it.

JohnF’s suggestion worked for me. Some hosts seem to have had no problems, others (like me) lost the multi-calender for a week or more … till I saw that suggestion as to how to get it back.

No use asking AirBnb - they seem to know less than we do. Good luck!

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@ohnotheydidnt If JohnF’s suggestion doesn’t work, you can use AirGMS. If I understand correctly you only have 4 listings? If that’s the case, you can use AirGMS for free. Our multi-calendar dashboard feature will help you to keep your finger on the pulse of your daily activity. Good luck!

Thanks @JohnF! I didn’t realize that I had lost access to the multi-calendar tool, because I haven’t used it in a while. The All Calendars link wasn’t working. However, I followed your instructions, and I now have it back - and the All Calendars link works too.

I also noticed that there is now a link to the multi-calendar on the hosting dashboard, just above the Reservations section. Now, I am not sure if it was there before I followed the link that you posted to, or if it showed up afterwards.

Thank you Jeff… it magically appeared about a week later thank heavens… very kind of you to write… I have no idea how or when anyone responds here… this was some time ago… I appreciate your willingness to help very much.

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