Multi Calendar gone from the Airbnb App

I’ve always used the multi calendar for my two linked listings and now it’s gone when using the app. I can’t see how to turn it back on, no link or option anywhere. Can anyone help?

I have the website on my phone, the calendar shows properly. The new date setup in the app is awful

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Also I don’t see any difference on my app. has there been an update?

Well the update is I just rang Customer Service and was told there have been some changes to the App that are affecting some users. Some. Her suggestion was to uninstall and reinstall the App which made no difference. It’s just kind of frustrating because the Multi Calendar is critical to me with 2 linked listings. I wonder how it can affect only some users?

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The app went down a couple days ago for an hour or so. I think that’s when they pushed out the update

About app vs website.

I have the app on my phone plus I have safari set to go to the website (not default to app).

I don’t remember how I did it. I found instructions on the internet.

I tried to set Chrome to not default to the app. I failed so I only use safari on my phone.

@patti, This often works, but when it doesn’t, you can choose to also clear the cache & all data, right before you uninstall. After you re-install you may have to go into settings to re-establish some of your preferences, like notifications.

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Thanks @Tranquility_Base
I will try that, though I’m not too technically savvy so wish me luck!!