Moving photos around

I haven’t found a thread on this issue -

Today I added photos of my second bedroom with my new mattress. Since I just added the photos they are at the bottom of the stack - I want to move them to the top. I haven’t found any way to do this that isn’t tedious and time consuming. I move each photo up, one row at a time.

And suggestions?

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Nope…For the market leader, Air’s photo situation is amazingly low tech. Even Flip Key has better. :wink:

Hey would you post the TN mattress photo? Mine is still in the box, waiting for current guest to leave.

I just click and drag them to where I want them (on my MacBook Pro)…

You can left click and hold on the photo and then drag with the mouse. It’s not great, but it’s not terrible.

Thanks @suzehamling and @faheem

I have over 35 photos - so if I want my new photo at the top of the stack, it takes quite awhile to click and drag as I can only move it 1-2 rows at a time. Maybe it’s my browser? Can you drag your photos all the way to the top from the bottom?

Can you move more than one photo at a time?


Will do, @konacoconutz - I’ll send them to you via pm because they have photos of my kids. But here’s a photo of the bedroom - this is bedroom #2. The Tuft & Needle mattress replaced a futon which was fairly floppy and barely off the ground - and the mattress hung over the sides of the frame a bit. So you can see that this is quite an improvement.

It’s tricky getting good photos of this room because the pine reflects the iridescent light like crazy gold/yellow. Once we stop improving ha ha ha ha ha ha ha we’ll get a pro in to do it right.

I have the same problem than you, I have lots of pics and when I add one, same problem… Never found a solution :unamused:

Yes, you can (I have) though ideally you want all the photos visible on the page so you can move the mouse from the top to the bottom. Ctrl - scales the page down, at least in Chromium. And I think it probably works in other browsers.

You mean move them as a group? That doesn’t appear to be possible. You could send it to Airbnb as a wishlist. The usual way of doing that would be to hold down Shift or Ctrl, and then click each photo to select. But that certainly doesn’t work here.

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Hey Nancy, I find it really easy to move my photos around…but I have a super fast internet connection and my laptop has just been serviced (not sure whether this has anything to do with it though!). But @faheem is right, you can’t move more than one photo at once…I remember having similar problems to you a few months back…I got so frustrated that I just deleted all the photos and started again!

@dcmooney I found today that moving pics on the android app was easier than moving them on my desktop.

Its drag and drop on the app and desktop.

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