Moving locations

Hey there all,

Have a question about how you would handle this situation.

I am moving to a new location in my city (not far from my current place) on April 1st.

I have some guests who have booked to stay with my after that fact.

I’ve sent them all messages letting them know that I am moving, that the location is changing, and seeing if they are ok with the new location.

If they are, I will make a change in the reservation to the new listing.

If not they are free to cancel and I will provide them with a refund.

However, one guest is wanting me to cancel for them. That’s going to cause me to take a cancellation fee hit if I do.

I’ve told them that they will need to cancel on their end and I can provide the refund to them.

Am I doing the right thing here?

If the guest cancels they will loose the fee they pay to airbnb - do you intend to pay them this back separately?

I can I guess. I hadn’t thought about that.

How far into the future is this booking?

April 30th. Long term booking

I don’t feel like I should have to be returning the service fees to them however.
I’ve offered them a place in my new location, which like I mentioned is not far from my current location and still has all the amenities and accessibility that my current place does.
There is maybe a 5-10min longer ride time to the location he needs to get to, that’s the only difference.

Have you made any cancellations in the last year?

Like since Jan 1 2016 or since Mar 9, 2015?

In the last 365 days.

Actually, it looks like the policy is now once every six months.

Cancellation fees

More than 7 days before check-in: You’ll receive one penalty-free cancellation every 6 months. Then, for every additional cancellation within a 6-month period, you’ll be charged $50 per cancellation.

That must be new … Last time there was an issue and I was charged a $100 cancellation fee by mistake

All worked out … He cancelled, went through the resolution center and gave him back the rest of his stay.
Nice guy!

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You were lucky. You, the host, made the material change in the stay, not the guest. For some, ten minutes longer away is a big deal. The guest should not be made to eat the cancellation fee or penalty because you, the host, made a change to the original booking.

That said, the resolution center or alteration feature is a good way to resolve these things.

Unfortunately since you changed the location it’s up to the guest to deside now. Since you offered them a refund it should be FULL refund not partial. You still need to refund them their fees. That’s why they want you to cancell bcs they don’t want to loose their fee money . Same as you don’t want to pay your cancelation fees

I wonder if anyone has passed off future bookings to the new owner of their house in a similar way to how some tenants remain between sales?