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Moving Location - any tips?

We have a private apartment listing. We’re moving to a new location in the same city. Overall value is about the same - similarly nice area, nice building. It’s further away from the railway station, but the new place is larger, quieter and has a private garden.
We have bookings for after the planned move, and would like to continue with the listing. Of course, we will let them know about the move, and offer a gift or small discount to incentivize them to not cancel.

  • What would be the best messaging strategy to notify the guests?
  • Any other tips?

“incentivize”??? Try plain English. “offer a gift or small discount as incentive to come to the new location.”

There are far too many worthless made-up words already!

The best strategy is to send those who have already booked an email through Air, explaining the situation and asking each guest if they wish to come to the new location, or book elsewhere.

Noted! Did you ever do a listing move yourself?

We have not moved our Air listing, as my partner owns the property – house, pool, cabana,yard. I have, however moved my Personal Chef business four or five times in the last 16 years. Same things apply – send an appropriate email (snail-mail postcard in the old days) to ALL of your past clients, informing them of the move. If appropriate, I have offered a 10% discount for their first post-move activity.

The bad part I see in your situation is that you have guests who booked for location A and when they get there you’ll be in location B. It would have been much “cleaner” if you had been able to hold off moving until after the last guest had stayed.

That’s a really helpful tip - didn’t think of informing past guests.
Unfortunately we have a few bookings months ahead (not many) and a rather tight deadline to move.
I’m actually thinking we could do a “Grand Re-Opening” campaign to attract new business as well. Good opportunity to promote it in the new area.

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