Moving Furniture

Have any of you had trouble with guests moving furniture around?

Not me, but the first Airbnb I went to as a guest had “please put back furniture in place before you leave” in the house rules, so I guess it happened to this host more than once.

There is also something along those lines in the ‘house rules’ of a local company which manages thousands of vacation rentals (a bit like marriott vacation club), so it looks like it’s one of those things guests do.

I have and a guest broke a leaf on my breakfast nook table by trying to move it and not folding down the other leaf. She denied and Air paid me for the broken table. I used the money to upgrade furnishings outside and my son later fixed the breakfast nook.

I don’t like them moving furniture, and state that if they really want to, they should come get my help.

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I have recently experienced this phenomena & at first I thought the behaviour just bizarre but upon further consideration I’m getting concerned as I rent & have very expensive nearly 100 year old polished floors. I really don’t want to add yet another commonsense rule. I haven’t said anything to the current guests who have done this because they are here for a month & I figure any damage done is already done so to speak. The funny thing is, the room is perfectly configured for maximum space as I have a King & Double beds, chaise lounge & dining table/desk in there. The way ppl have moved furniture is frankly odd as you then can’t use some furniture?

Personally I have stayed in about 8 airbnb’s & whilst some are in much more exciting places than mine (Paris, London, Barcelona etc) I wouldn’t have dreamed of moving anything. I was too scared to even cook for fear of damaging something, making a mess etc but I usually eat out and sight see from dawn til midnight when I travel anyway. If I stayed at a friends and moved anything I think they’d get really upset or annoyed? Is this behaviour normal, do you say anything?

We had someone in our Barcelona flat move our entire Salon around! I lost my mind. We are now very clear NO MOVING furniture.

Yes, exactly. I think there are two types of renters. One understands they are guests in another person’s home and treat it with kindness. The other thinks that for the rental period it is MY SPACE to do what I want with it.

Never had furniture moved, but we are in minimalist Scandinavia so there isn’t a huge amount of furniture to move around!

We have had several guests however who have reprogrammed our cable TV box to find programmes in their own language :frowning:

The annoying thing is that we never noticed this until the next guests got in touch to say the TV didn’t seem to be working well.

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