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Moving - advice about continuing?


You all have been so helpful to me in the past - I am hoping for more of your wisdom. I have been a host for just over a year and achieved superhost the first rating period. We have one bedroom with attached bath we use for airbnb. I really love hosting!!! Have met great people and I was feeling sad we are moving and can no longer do it. We are having a house built and will move in August - only one small bedroom with bath across the hall. But the one window opens to a screened porch. It really isn’t suited for airbnb. So then I got this idea - what if we only rent in the summer and my husband and I move into the guest room and leave the large room with ensuite for rental? How difficult do you think this would be? We would need to probably lock the closets in the bedroom if we don’t want to move out our stuff? We could scoop up toiletries and the clothes we need for a few days? Am i being unrealistic? Would it be more trouble than it is worth? I got so excited about this idea then reality sets in and I am thinking hard about it all. Advice please? The new house is less than a mile away from our current house - I think I can keep my reviews right?
Thanks, Maggie


I think so, just open another listing. Don’t put it on IB yet. Just list as an experiment to gauge the interest.


Follow your instincts. If it excites you then it’s the right thing to do. Any room for a little cabin in the garden?


I don’t see any reason why you can’t host in your new place. At the right price you could rent out the small room. If you want to make a bit more, move to the smaller room yourself. That is what we have done: The nicest room with en suite private bathroom is for our guests. We are in the second largest room and share two half bathrooms with another room. Moving around the whole time, is a bit more difficult. We did it in our former place and I can’t recommend it: We literally moved everything out when a guest booked our room :smirk:.
Think about storage solutions however, you can’t go into the master suite to get the jumper you forgot in there.

To be honest, what does puzzle me a bit: If you’re custom building a house, why didn’t you take your love for BnB into account? I’m sure that any kind of architect could solve the problems you are now facing for doing AirBnB within the same square meters and budget. Can you still make a separate walk in closet with a second entrance to the hallway? Or can you just put the closets in the hallway instead of in the room? People must think I’m crazy, it’s hard to explain without a plan, but thinking out of the box you could find wonderful solutions.


Build it and they will come… 1st thing that comes to mind as a real estate broker is why are you building so small? Consider going bigger, make it with two master bedrooms, make the guest room with its own entrance… Why build something that does not suit you?



Thanks for the response - as I explained we are old as dirt and looking for something small with no maintenance. Its only recently that it occurred to me that we might be able to continue hosting in the new place. I do hope it works out.


We are in our 70’s and ready to downsize. Our new house is all on one floor and includes all the maintenance. Last year we had just started hosting and had no idea how much we would love it. The new house isn’t actually “custom” - we got to pick a model from a few selections. We are not even sure if the HOA would allow us to host in the new place.

Thank you for sharing your experience - I guess we can try it out with moving into the smaller room and see how difficult that is for us.

Thanks, Maggie

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