Most annoying thing about hosting

Planning ahead/setting expectations. I know hosting has lots of pluses, but what’s the most annoying thing/ongoing problem you face as a host?

For me it is guests not arriving at the time we agreed about. Several hours to early or to late.

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It’s like any other job. The good outweighs the annoying. Most jobs have some aspects that aren’t perfect. That’s just normal.

  • Damaging property and filing a complaint to Airbnb, who eventually denies compensation
  • Guests who don’t obey your house rules and turn your place into a whorehouse
  • Guests who claim they have trouble checking in, bc they didn’t check the house manual for check in instructions

Either way, I still think the good parts of hosting greatly outweigh the problems.

I’m lucky I haven’t had anything major, but I guess for me the reoccurring annoying thing that happens is requests from guests who clearly haven’t read the listing, or just think the rules don’t apply to them (‘I know it says no kitchen use, but can we boil eggs for breakfast in the morning?’)
Luckily this is easily dealt with, I’ve learnt how to hit the decline button and get over it!
Not a big deal, just irritating.

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It’s the small stuff that bother me sometimes at which point I usually try to let it go and head to a yoga class, not worth the negative energy or risk upsetting or embarrassing the guests. Eg never putting the bathroom fan on, washing their dishes but not putting away, today it’s the leaving your smelly gross shoes at my front door instead of your room (see pic).
The big stuff is usually easier to deal with as you have ABB, their TOS and it’s easier to be assertive without offence for major stuff.

I think it’s annoying if guests do not communicate their expected time of arrival and you are left hanging around, but overall most guests are great. As a host it helps to be a flexible type of person that doesn’t get too upset by small stuff otherwise I think you would be constantly wound up and start to see guests as the enemy!

why not put a towel down to accommodate guests who are actually being considerate of you house and not tracking thru it with their dirty shoes - turn it into a positive?


What do you mean put a towel down? Why would I have a towel on my beautiful polished floor boards? Its summer hear and stinking hot and in winter I have wool rugs but they are certainly not for wiping feet on! This entry is at my front door and my front door has a porch with fake grass and a super heavy duty door mate to wipe any feet on. They are welcome to take off their shoes, but keep them in your own room now my hallway right outside my bedroom door. I don’t find this being considerate of my house.

We require and tell our guests to remove shoes and leave them either in our small entry vestibule or on a rug
we provide right inside the front door. I prefer that to allowing wet or dirty shoes in the bedroom. Consequently our house stays quite clean! And many people say they remove their shoes at home too. 80% of the germs in the houses come in on shoes. Dont let them near your bedroom (or bathroom or kitchen).

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