Mosquito...or not

last review blamed me for the mosquitos…not too sure how to take it…its not the flat, or anything…its the mosquitos…though there is an anti-mosquito plug in there…st Petersburg was built on a swamp (thanks peter the great)…so in autumn they do visit…left a bit confused how a mosquito is my fault…humbug…

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We get them in abundance here too (Florida). There’s nothing we can do about it.

I have an anti-mosquito plug too- do those things work? I’ve never known. I do leave mosquito repellent and a can of Raid in the apartments though. What gets me is when the guests leave the door open (‘to get the lovely breeze’) and then mutter about the mosquitos they’ve let in!



Ditto for coastal SC. After Hurricanes Matthew (last year) and Michael this year with abundant flooding & standing water meaning great mosquito breeding conditions, a guest complained about mosquitos. In my supplies basket I place bug repellant. For some reason, it is rarely used.

Whether it is things we can’t control like a cold snap, rain, or mosquitos, some people feel the need to “warn” others.

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A positive and slightly cheeky twist is to say you’re reducing emissions in your home by not using toxic chemicals to kill them.

However if they prefer you will spray on an as needed basis or give them a can of Raid when they plan on being out for an hour or more.

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In a word, yes. We need them in the south of Spain, as unfortunately being born a lot further north it’s going to take us a while to build up an immunity like the locals appear to have. The ones we use take a small lozenge shaped refill every day.

In the height of summer if it’s not on overnight I end up making the elephant man look pretty.


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Do you mention in your listing description that the city is prone to mozzie’s in September?

Never heard of a “mosquito plug” on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Luckily our listing is inside a screened in ‘pool cage’ so mosquito intrusion is minimal. We offer a can of mosquito spray for guests to use, especially when they visit the wildlife areas around here.

Sounds like a contraceptive.

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Augh, just had someone do this. “Cell service is spotty but you’re in the mountains so to be expected” (Gee, thanks? That is stated in the listing, house rules AND guidebook). Same nitpicky princess also said “It rained our whole stay so the firewood was wet” (Well no shit … Yah think?)


We have a lot of bugs here on the east side of Hawaii. I have a multitude of preventive measures so I have in my house rules: “We have pest services every month, the presence of insects within the unit is natural and not cause for refund.” So I would think that if you had something like that you could get in front of their mosquito complaints. I also provide natural bug spray so people can at least see I’m trying to help them be comfortable. Did they actually blame you or did they just state that there were mosquitos?

I used to work in the army feeding mosquitoes on a daily basis :). There seems no effective way to keep out mosquitos other than installing insect filters on the windows, and keeping the door closed. It may help to place a sign on the door reminding guests to close them as otherwise the filters will be pointless.

luckily its only for a short period, but as someone mentioned above people open windows then wonder why there are mosquitoes - might have to put up a little sign - no open windows…no mosquitoes