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Mosque shoot tragedy in New Zealand


For any of you hosting in New Zealand what an awful dark day for your country. Thinking of you.


Yes, we are thinking of you too. Such a dreadful event for your beautiful country to go through, particularly for Christchurch where they have already contended with so much. I really don’t know what else to say, other than warm thoughts of support.


Evil actions bring so much grief…awful


Adding my sympathies…


Thanks for your thoughts. We are horrified and devastated.
This heinous act of vile hatred has shocked and stunned our peaceful, loving country. This man came to our country to inflict his horror on our Muslim community, apparently to show that nowhere is safe.
As our Prime Minister, Jacinda said “This is not who we are”. I agree wholeheartedly. People of all faiths and ethnicity were safe and welcome here - until this person came.
It WILL be safe again! This act of hatred will have the opposite effect of what he was wanting to achieve. New Zealanders will rally around and show love and support to our Muslim friends.
F**k you, you terrorist bastard!

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