More whacky advice from Airbnb

“Your listing appeared in search for this night but people booked other listings that are about $0 less per night”
Whew, glad I understand now why I didn’t get booked!



I guess you’d better get moving on modifying your prices…by $0!


That’s hilarious! I’ve just choked with laughing.

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For the past couple weeks I’ve been getting the text box “One thing to improve your listing” and when I clicked it says “You look great! Check back later!”

Okayyyyy … ?

And I have been getting the “price your self better to be booked in Oct/Nov”.

ABB, um, I AM fully booked. With YOU.

Crazy little buggers, they are… :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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i have a 2 night minimum and I’ll have a single night free between bookings and I’ll get “lower you price to $85 on Nov 11 to get more bookings”. Maybe but they won’t be able to book.

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My latest email from Airbnb. Offer a 22% discount on long term bookings on a house that is completely booked until the end of January!


On the other side of the fence, with our first trip using Air accommodation later this week, I have had two emails this morning telling me where to go and what to do. The second is a fully itemised, day by day itinerary, including specified times ffs, and distance from where we are staying. All, without fail, are a minimum of 38 kilometres away from where we are staying! And no, I don’t want to have a runner’s training session, or indeed, to go running.

I know it’s marketing Experiences, but it feels intrusive, irrelevant to me as an individual, depersonalising and sucks.

Rant over.


Yes, similar experience here whilst booking. I find it passing strange that these “authentic” experiences have to be pre-planned, mapped out and booked ahead! Part of the fun of travel is the serendipitous experiences one has wandering about (or even semidisasters, which can become hilarious in retrospect and even result in meeting lovely people you would never encounter otherwise – ask me about my spouse and I being carted away in separate ambulances from a bar in Marseilles!)


Please, please tell?

And I can’t believe that no one else is as nosy as me!


I want to hear the story too!! @dpfromva

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Well, to my regret I guess I must correct the impression that we were total badasses who got in a bar fight.
I fell down some steps while looking at a guidebook (no I cannot walk and read at the same time apparently), and my spouse and 10 year old helped me hop to the nearest bar, where I sat at an outdoor table with my foot on a chair watching my ankle swell up like a small grapefruit. Just as I was saying to him we might as well eat something then figure out where the hospital is, he passed right out on the sidewalk (stress + overdue for a meal + insulin use = low blood sugar episode). This is Marseilles, passersby thought he was drunk and stepped over him muttering “merde” and many other things, rough translation “drunken idiot.” Finally a lovely young lady caught on to our distress, and started ordering the staff to assist Monsieur et Madame. Two ambulances race up, like in a cartoon, EMTs leap out of ambulance #1, toss Monsieur onto a stretcher and take off, while the second ambulance crew loads up me and my daughter. None of us speak French. How many hospitals are in Marseilles? Will I ever see my unconscious spouse again? Aha, one of the EMTs speaks Spanish so my basic Spanish gets us sorted out, we are all going to the same hospital, whew. Spouse got an IV and was soon fine, while I was trundled to xray and such. He and my daughter tried to visit me and were firmly sent back to the waiting room by a nurse, “Non, non, the child must not see such things.” It’s Marseilles, everyone ELSE had been in a bar fight, I was surrounded by bloody men with various broken bones, gashes and contusions.
They sent a bill to my home address, along with copies of the xrays for my doctor. The entire medical misadventure cost the equivalent of $159 U.S. dollars, and thus I became a fan of socialized medicine.


I was also interested once I saw the post! Great story.

I agree that overplanning ruins things. But they probably develop these messages by trial and error not unlike people with too many rules that mo one reads.

me too! 20 20 20 20 20

Wow what an experience and so cheap! I had a stranger punch me in the face and break my nose in Ecuador and all of my medical treatment was free. This included all of what you would expect; plus (unwanted) police escort to all appointments, prioritised treatment and an ENT specialist. I would have been seriously out of pocket in Australia.

On the down side the examining doctor was bowing bubble gum as she examined me and the tourniquet used to administer pain relief was a rubber glove.

Because of medical appointments and a day in court I had to extend my stay for another night and my kind Airbnb host didn’t charge me as she was so horrified about what happened.

Go Airbnb host! We can’t imagine a hotel doing the same thing!

If you ever will have a good running system and want to fully destroyit fast; just hire some of the IT-staff from AirBnB! Maybe you can also rent them out - a day-job or two will do the job perfectely!
Please let them also modify all tax-programs in the government and we will soon be living tax-free and being payde for doing nothing!

Please, AirBnB-Programmers: Go ahead and give us more silly suggestions, we love that!

I am forced since 2 month by notifications, to put my listing on the “family friendly” Listing group; No need to mention, that my listing says: No Childrens, since it is a cabin in the mountains with space for just 2 people and in a quite kids-unsave mauntain-environment…