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More about COdetectors



Why you may want to put an CO detector in an all-electric rental.

CO detectors have been mentioned several times in other threads. I couldn’t find the correct thread to tag this on.


CO2 or CO detectors?


Thank you Carbon MONoxide not DIoxide. I’ve been studying about pulmonary diseases & inadequate oxygen exchange so clearly I have CO2 on the brain–maybe even literally.


This is not an issue to kid about. I have a coworker whose siter died because there was no monoxide detector installed in a cabin in the woods they owned.

Initially I installed 2 carbon monoxide detectors on hallways on both levels of the rental property, just like I have in my own home, where I live.

Then one guest set a towel on fire. Don’t know what they were doing. It was a bridal party, perhaps they were drunk, young etc. I found the towel, mostly burned and I won;t even mention the rest of the house: messy as hell.

In that moment there I took the decision to install fire alarm in every single bedroom including the basement which is what my city ordinance wants me to do anyway. I also bought 2 fire extinguishers.

From now on I will assume people will cause damage - especially if they are drunk - and try to guard myself against it. For example I had decorative candles. I removed them all and noticed that one smart pants actually tried to set on fire a battery operated candle.

I also created a guest book whose pages I laminated and the first page - before the wi-fi info is about where the fire extinguisher are. The first thing people do when entering the house is to look for the wi-fi, so I want them to see the safety info first while they are sober.


Great suggestions! I’ve even heard of hosts putting the wi-fi login info ON the fire extinguisher, so they’re guaranteed to know where it is!!

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