Moped Rental offer for extra?

Can anyone point me in the direction of how to find out if or how you’d be libel for. Had the thought of offering one for guest to use this summer.

I really don’t think this is a good idea. I would point them in the direction of a good company to hire off in your local area.

Lol just brainstorming here. I’m just trying to figure how to make getting around easier for my guests that use mass transit to get here. The only negative I often get about my listing is that its just far enough to making walking/biking places a hassle

I think you are better off completely disclosing how far you are from things and let the guests find their own wheels. I’m near a bus stop, sure, but it’s a bus that stops once a day on its way only half way around the island, and it’s not convenient or comfortable. I tell my guests they must have a rental car to stay here. The ones who didn’t listen or couldn’t rent for some reason found themselves taking a taxi. And last time I checked it was over $100 from town. I’m sympathetic but have never picked up my guests from anywhere. They were warned.

Can you describe the situation in your area? Walking time to bus stop, subway, etc.? Guests are prompted to leave feedback about your location and there is nothing you can do to change it.

Would a moped be easy to steal? Should tourists really be navigating the streets of NYC on their own? You are in NYC - correct?

@ kona Do you make it clear to your guests that they have to take a $100 cab ride to your place? Seems like something they should know ahead of time.

And its looking like the moped thing is a big no go.

As far as mass transit goes there is a train station 15-20 min away walking. I have picked a few guests up in the past but mostly they’ve taken a 3 minute cab ride that costs $7-10. I provide bikes and there is a bus stop across the street but buses around here are basically useless.

The more I think about it I guess this is just the hand I was dealt. I try to make clear my listing is convenient but not right in the heart of things. Its just frustrating when I get such a wide range of ratings when it comes to location

I get the gist of what your saying Billy Bob but reviews regarding the bikes say otherwise. Guests love them and use them to ride to the beach that’s close by.

Now if you’re speaking to the liability aspect that’s something else completely. Are there any other hosts out there providing bikes to ride? If so, do you have some type of liability form for them to sign?

Nope. I say: “Hiring a car for mobility’s sake is highly recommended and indeed, required.” But as I said, some guests don’t listen. :slight_smile: Or they don’t plan. Such as they are under 21 and can’t rent a car… or under 25, where they can but it’s a big extra fee… or they don’t have a credit card. :slight_smile: I usually try to weed out this type of guest… and don’t have a problem with it these days. And really it isn’t my problem. I am more than clear about this. It’s only the ones who didn’t read or listen who get themselves in a pickle. :slight_smile:

I’m in Hawaii, where most people arriving to the island will rent a car. There are only shuttles to the big resorts. :slight_smile:

Guests knock down most of us on location for whatever reason they choose. One guest told me location was not convenient. I am in a rural area and only 1.5 miles from the only major grocery store in the area. I am in a great location to get to all the surrounding cities. Sure, they are not right around the corner, but what is when you are staying in the country?

Getting a moped will not improve reviews as some ungrateful guests will just say “not very convenient and had to ride a moped around.”

I don’t know what your rates are compared to places that would be considered “convenient” but many people are okay with having to walk an extra 15 minutes each way in order to save money. Do you have a nicer, larger space compared to the convenient places?? If so, find a way to highlight the perks and savings of your place in exchange for a little longer walk.

You can always offer to credit this off the stay.

Be completely up front about the cons… and like Cabin says, turn it into a plus… “Hey it’s a great walk, but it could be a bit much for older guests,” or something like that.

I don’t mind walking 20 minutes if the place is great and there are some things to see or do along the way. :slight_smile:

Great idea kona, ty.

And yea cabinhost, I guess as always you can’t make everyone happy. So long as I make it clear in the description thats really all you can do I suppose.

So once they walk to the train…are they all set to go? How much longer do they have to ride it?

Also, is there an awesome breakfast place on the way to the train station that you can recommend? Maybe guests can rave about a pit stop on the way. Or a really nice place to pick up dinner on the way back home in the evening?

Why is the bus across the street useless?