Monthly Stay Clauses

We are in Oregon. From what I can tell many of you will possibly be facing some of the same issues we do as hosts when local ordinances are put in place that will eventually put many STR hosts out of business. I am currently considering monthly stays only. In Oregon I can terminate without cause, as long as I give a 30 day notice.

I am contemplating wording to this effect in my House Rules: “On day one of a longer than 30 day rental I will provide you with 30 day written notice to vacate. If prior to the vacate date we mutually agree to extend your stay by another month, we will modify this booking.”

I will also want to pick your brains on other potential House Rule clauses but let’s start with this one.


Not sure I understand your post, but I suggest getting some legal feedback as to whether “terminating” a continuous booking that goes beyond 30 days at the 30-day mark and restarting it preserves your right to terminate without cause. Tenants’ rights laws and housing courts may well consider the longer lease period, 60 days or whatever, to be the relevant time period.

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I don’t see how you could give someone a 30 day notice to vacate on their first day, if they made, say, a 45 day booking nor can I see them agreeing to it.

Why not just accept just 30-day bookings?

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Oregon requires the 30 day notice otherwise guests can …linger and it is my understanding airbnb is not responsible for making them leave if they choose to stay.

Good point. I will check that out. Thanks.

That part is clear. But if a guest makes an over 30 day booking on Airbnb, you can’t then make them sign something saying they agree to vacate in 30 days. A booking is a booking, for the number of days they booked and paid for. Telling them you will have to “mutually agree” to letting them stay for 40 days, when they booked for 40 days, is totally weird and may get you booted off Airbnb when a guest complains, which they surely will.

You should only take 30 day bookings if you want to use that notice to vacate. Then they can either book another month through Airbnb or directly with you.

I was probably not clear enough in my initial post. I would only do 30 day bookings.

Ah. It was confusing because you said you wanted to write in your House Rules-

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I looked that law up and it appears to apply to tenants only. When does a guest become a tenant in Oregon? 30 days? Then take nothing longer than 29 days.

If you have to go to 30 days or longer and they become tenants, simply send them a 30-day termination notice, even if it is the first day of their stay. Explain to them that Oregon law requires a 30 day notice and you are doing this to comply with the law.

I would not count on something in the AirBnB house rules being adequate to satisfy Oregon’s law


If you think about it, how could they possibly enforce that? And if they did claim they would do it, no one with any sense would count on that.

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There is no airbnb "Swat Team’ that can make anyone leave your airbnb.


They are not STR if greater than 30 days and they are not tenants if they stay less than 45 days in Oregon, thus the 30 day notice. I also agree to not count on airbnb house rules so it has been suggested that in the rules I also put a clause something like “by accepting this booking you agree to a standard Oregon rental agreement” or something like that. Airbnb does not have a way for hosts to post a document unfortunately. I could dump the entire rental agreement into the house rules but what a turnoff!!

Having some sense, I do fully understand that airbnb would not enforce this. I would hope however that as airbnb continues to try to “sell” hosts on monthly stays that they would at least offer us tools like attaching a contract or bringing back a “masked” email system so we can email contracts.

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Dang! That would be helpful :wink:

I have to send guests a map to my hard-to-find place. I just ask them for their email address after their booking is confirmed. I’ve never had a guest balk at giving it to me.

And as far as I know, that “masked” email is still available, but you have to “attest” that you won’t use it to make an off-platform deal. I don’t know where to find that feature- you may have to turn on “professional tools”.

But when I used to try to send guests the map through that coded email, some said they got the email, but the attachment was missing. So I quit using it before Airbnb disappeared it.

Thanks for that info. I have had a couple guests chaffe at my request that the text our cleaning service when they are checking out. But that was just a few guests.

I will look again for the masked email option.

Asking guests to text the cleaners at check-out is completely different from asking for their email address so you can send them a map, so they don’t have a hard time finding their way.

In the first case, you are asking them to do something that benefits you, in the second, something that benefits them.


That is because that is YOUR job. Guests do not work for you and are not to contact your service providers. Text your cleaning people when you are sure that your guests are gone. You can accomplish this with a text from a guest to you, or simply waiting till their checkout time.


So what in the world are they if they stay between 30 and 45 days? I’m confused