Month to month listings registration? (specifically Chicago)

I listed my home (unoccupied) as month to month ( at least a month) to avoid issues with zoning.
My area is not zoned for less than a month. I did not have any completed books before my registration was
denied by the City.

I have deactivated my account, but I wonder, do I need to be registered with City if I rent at least monthly?

I noted that on my application but was demied anyways and then told I needed to appeal if I wanted
permission. Appealing required polling my neighbors, appealing to my alderman, justifying my rental based on financial hardship etc. I can’t see how I woul win.

Why are month to month rental required to register?

Thanks for your help!

Those questions only local authorities (city, county) can answer. I pretty sure you have to register so that they can collect taxes from you and monitor how many LTRS are in you area.

Thanks for reply. Unfortunately, there’s no way to just list 30 > rentals without registering and one can only register if zoning allows shorter term unoccupied rentals.

And I asked on a Chicago forum and no one knew. I assume tons of folks are going through the same thing.

You would be much better off with a standard lease for a rental over 30 days. I rent a few in Chicago and would never use Airbnb.

I am having no luck outside of Airbnb for month to month.