Month long booking question

I have someone coming for a month. Should I offer a maid service during that time at their expense? I assume put cleaning supplies in for their personal use as well (broom, toilet bowl, granite spray, etc). Anything else I should do different for a long stay? There is a washer/dryer in the cabin if they want to wash sheets or clothes. Thanks!

It really depends what you have said you would provide in your listing.

A lot of hosts like to include the costs of a weekly clean and linen change so they can keep an eye on the property.

You will obviously need to include a linen change and towel change.

Leave them whatever cleaning supplies and equipment you think they will need to keep the place tidy.

Washing powder etc they can provide themselves.

I just have a nightly fee and a one time $25 cleaning fee. Nothing about what happens if you book for month. It does have plenty of towels and a washing machine/dryer. Do I assume they will just change/wash their own towels and sheets and offer a maid (who pays?) if they would rather a whole house cleaning and towels/sheets done for them?

We stayed at an Airbnb whole apartment for a bit over 3 months while we were house hunting and the owner did not offer any services for cleaning during our stay. We borrowed her supplies and cleaned the apt ourselves and washed our linens ourselves in the provided washer dryer. We did pay a one time cleaning fee for our stay. It was fine with us. As hosts we don’t allow long stays so can’t help you there.

Thanks so much! Do you not allow long stays because of a monthly or weekly discount giving you less overall income than if you had short stays at full price? Or is there a reason I am not thinking of?

I offer long stay options with discounts during off-peak season. I get multi-month rentals from people seeking to live at the beach and escape snow. Without the off-season monthly rentals, I wouldn’t have enough rentals to pay the bills.

Long term rentals can create a different type of lodging with different laws. Airbnb help LTR

Airbnb seems to encourage getting an additional/separate rental agreement (I do).

I provide cleaning supplies, but do not provide cleaning services. I offer guests the contact information so they may arrange a cleaning service. However the agreement is with the service, not with me.


You never assume anything when it comes to being a host.

If you want them to change their own linens and towels as a long term guest then tell them that in your listing and in your guest book.

I like the idea of letting them know details of a maid service they can book directly.

As I mentioned some hosts before to charge for a weekly cleaning service so they can make sure they property is being properly maintained.

I have it in my house rules that if yo stay over 7 days we will apply a cleaning service for the same fee every week. You can suggest it to the guest and hopefully he’ll go for it.

From my experience, even 7 days without cleaning is hard to deal with.


I think you can safely assume that having a washer/dryer on site lets your guests know they are allowed to use them for their laundry needs. For a month rental, I would definitely provide the detergent you prefer for use in your machine. There’s no sense in inviting mechanical trouble.

You can certainly offer independent housecleaning service, full service or touch-up service, and the appropriate prices but in my experience, guests will generally forego that option. I only had one guest in 7 yrs. who wanted to pay for additional housekeeping service.

You can’t really spring a mandatory additional cleaning fee on them if they weren’t made aware of it when they made the reservation.

However, it would be to your advantage to have access to the rental during their stay so you can see that all is well and only the registered occupants are staying there. You need to come up with something you want to check (or service) as a ruse during their stay. I can’t think of anything but maybe someone else can.

I service the house anyway. I had one set of guests who were there for 5 weeks…they said they would clean…they didn’t …the bathroom was awful, the sheets ruined, the kitchen was a grease pit and the towels had to be thrown out. Not worth not cleaning.


I have a maximum stay of 2 weeks. Because that is the maximum time I could bear to live above someone who I wished I hadn’t accepted their booking and was looking forward to the day they left. It used to be 1 week but I got some requests for 8 or 9 days who have been fine. I did once have someone ask to stay for 4 weeks, starting that very night “for a holiday” but I got the feeling it was really a domestic crisis which I am not set up to deal with living above the property. In short, trust your instincts and keep an eye on them, someone could do a lot of damage in 4 weeks of neglect.

A small pantry may be with an electric kettle, some cutlery, glasses, cups and plates that can be cleaned in the sink right away?

Guests who stay longer than a few days get too comfortable and we just prefer quick turnarounds. Also Airbnb is not a good platform for long term stays as they offer no protection against squatters. You can read about this on many other posts here.

is it a ‘whole home’ let or are you on site? We’re letting two rooms in our house and frequently have monthly or longer guests. We give clean bedding and towels once a week, and do a bathroom clean if required, but we’ve been lucky to have almost exclusively clean guests!