Monitoring inquiries while traveling myself

We will be traveling out of country soon. Are the only solutions to dealing with inquiries to either get a co host or to make our account instant book?

I was in Japan last year and managed all enquiries via my phone during the day and iPad at night. I also had a co host who saw the message exchange, but did not contribute.

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I was away for 4 weeks at the beginning of the year. I have instant book on and also on booking. Com which is also instant book. We don’t get smashed with bookings so we managed with wifi connections when we had them. Also had a family member who was always connected to Internet have the app on their phone so they could block out days on other channels when necessary if I wasn’t able to be connected at the time of the booking.

You could also snooze the listing if you’re doing a long haul flight

My other and I travel quite frequently and internationally. Due to the fact that we have two homes we Airbnb, I make it a business expense to pay for airplane wifi and make sure my hotel has wifi as well so that I am able to answer questions as immediate as possible.

We travel a lot too. We have 5 listings and use an automated messaging tool to deal with the check-in/check-up/check-out messages. Other wise we just make sure we have internet where we go, never really had a problem we couldn’t fix from afar. :slight_smile: Sometimes we’ll tell guests that we’re traveling in another timezone so they know not to expect an answer right away.

Who is going to take care of guest’s while you are away?

I travel a lot close to 7-8 months a year.
Where ever I am
I am sure to always have internet with me. Some countries are very bad not having connection anywhere . I am sure to go to local cell phone office and get local portable internet that I carry with me at all times and always look for hotel with free wifi. But whoever is managing your guest’s while you are away should have his/ her number for contact listed in your listings .
Unless you have other arrangements

Thank you all for the input. It has been helpful. We should be able to put together a plan.