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A friend of mine who is using Airbnb for quite long time, recently, found out that the listing not showing up in search result (was sudden drop in apartment booking). After some chatting with Airbnb support team the issue was resolved. Long story short – after this he is checking his listing position every day in search results or asking me to do this from my laptop :slight_smile:

Now the question: is there a way to track listing position in search result using predefined filters, etc, and not to scroll pages with listings and move to another page? I mean dead simple way to enter all filters and area and get the number (position in search results)?
As he is not a techy person he asked me to look into this (I‘m working as software developer) but I don’t want to reinvent the wheel and writing some script to extract this data. Is there something to remove manual work?

Thanks for reading this and looking for some answers!

I would have thought you just put the URL in.

I use to receive a report every morning which shows where I appear in the search results. This is a paid subscription, but your friend might find it helpful to have a report generated and waiting for them in their inbox every morning.

Then you probably understand how search engines operate. When your friend listed on Airbnb, there’s no way that Airbnb promised that his listing would come up in searches. That would be like saying that if you build a website you’ve got a god-given right to be indexed by Google.

Like all search facilities, the goal is to match up the searcher with the most relevant results. So is there a reason why he is not being relevant? That’s the first issue I’d explore.

Sorry, that didn’t answer your question! @smtucker’s suggestion of using’s service is a good one. But then your friend has to figure out what to so if his listing is getting poor results. :slight_smile:

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@jaquo Thanks! Actually you answered my question :slight_smile: That’s what I was thinking about, there is no clear way to say that you need show up in search results.

@smtucker Thanks, I’ve checked smartbnb recently but haven’t found anything that tell me about positioning in search results (probably I’ve read only text in bold :slight_smile:). I’ll give it a shot and we will see.

Thanks again!

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Does provide info for a variety of guest numbers? When I run the free info for my listing (thank you for this!), it provides ranking info for my max number of guests. For example, my max is three guests, but most of the time I get two guests. So that’s really the ranking I want to see. I always fair better in rankings with three guests because less properties allow three people. This guest combo is somewhat of a rarity for me (but not rare enough to get rid of it), so it is far less relevant than a two guest raking result. So, I’d like to know if the paid option offers me the option to see where I stand with one, two, and three guest combos.

Yes. Once you are a subscriber, you can set the number of guests that the search uses. I can host up to three people, but what I really want is just two. So that is my “default” search for my morning report.

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Thanks so much–this is very helpful!

You will find more about this on


Hey there,

It sounds like your friend wants to monitor his listings’s position in Airbnb search results.

You may do it manually as you have been doing so far, or you can use an app to do it for you and send you the results on a regular basis.

This is a recent feature of an app called Your Porter App, which is available on iOS or Android as well as for your computer.

Although I’m one of the makers of this tool, it seems like I cannot share any link on this forum, which is allowed for specific members and services only. :grey_question:

I’m sure you can find Your Porter App with a simple google search.

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