Money Request Sent To Guest Re: Early Check-in

I have a guest who’s coming in July and wants a 5:00 am check-in. We agreed to a $20 fee for an early check-in and I sent her a money request via the Airbnb platform. This is the first time I’ve done this. What happens now?

She has to accept it. If it’s via the resolution center Airbnb will send a link via email. If you just used change reservation it should show up in her message thread. Just message and say you sent the change and once she accepts her reservation is confirmed.

That makes sense. I send her a message via the Airbnb platform saying the money request had been sent, but she hasn’t accepted it yet.

When you explained to her that there’d be an extra charge, what was your reasoning? It seems that you’ve already set the principle, that you’ll allow such an early check in, and then demanded a fee for it. You’re lucky that the previous guests will be leaving early enough to accommodate her bonkers request.

Send the following link to the guest so they can accept it:

Note that the one time I did the same thing for a 6am Check-in and the guest not only didn’t come early they didn’t end up arriving until like 9pm! I didn’t refund though as I had been prepared for her and had to ensure I was.

I didn’t “demand” anything. The guest asked if she could drop her bags off at 5:00 am. Rather than make her wander around for six hours until check-in I offered her the option of checking in early. I told her there’d be a $20 fee, and she agreed. If she didn’t want to pay the fee she could have declined.

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This is what I did. I’m just waiting for the guest to accept the money request.

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Ok. I wasn’t sure because many people don’t realize that the resolutions are not handled on the app and come by email separately.