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Money owed, how do I word review?

Hello everyone. We are new to Airbnb. Last weekend we had a booking for five adults. They mentioned they have a 2and half yr old and normally I count children after 2 yrs old but I let them off for the little girl. Then just before they come they announce a 6th person so I said yes but they would have to pay 10 euros extra. When they get here I get a funny feeling but they are very friendly. She tries to make out that the 6th person probably wasn’t going to sleep over anyway. Later I told them I would be collecting the stay tax ( 80 centimes per person per night in France) she told me she would be leaving it on the table. Since everyone was so kind and chatty and she had her child in her arms at the time I didn’t want to insist they give it me straight away. They left when we were out without leaving the 15 euros on the table. I texted them to tell them they had forgotten and they said they were sorry and would send me a cheque. This was on Sunday. I suspect they are not going to send me anything… How do I word a review or do I just not write one. Maybe people should know that these people are not entirely honest although I don’t really want to write anything too damning because they might genuinely have forgotten it’s just my instincts that tell me it was all done on purpose. Maybe if I wait till near the end of the two weeks and then include it in my review.
Any ideas as how to word it or if I should just not write a review at all?

The review process is essential to the entire system and future hosts need to know. You can be factual in your review but you need to leave a review. Also, by coming with an extra person they violated the tos.


Their kindness does not mean they can get away with not paying. I would wait a bit more.Give them a reasonable time to send you payment and then right it in review.


Immediately go on the platform and leave messages detailing everything, and the exact amount owed.

Then use the resolution center to request payment. That will be easier for them, anyway. When you use the resolution center they make is sound like they are assuming there is a problem, but, forge ahead and just ask for your money. You can say to the guest “I thought this would be easier for you”. Because it will be.

Always communicate everything through the platform. Even if it’s done by word or text, go on the platform, write the message “Hello Guest, just confirming our conversation”. Airbnb takes what guests say in messages and will make decisions based on that.

So sorry you were steamrolled. We all need to stop confusing ‘friendly’ with actually ‘nice’. You don’t know if they are nice or not, until they leave and haven’t stained your bedding or stiffed you your taxes.

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