Mobile app displays red circle 1 but i do not have a message

Hi All - Does anyone know how do get rid of the red circle which is informing me i have a message, I have checked everywhere but i don’ have a message. How do you contact support as I would like to report this as a issue.?

Many thanks for your help.


Sorry I forgot to mention the red circle is showing on my phone app.



You are not alone:

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Me three. It has been that way for a long time

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Never had a problem before they did an update a few months back, this and multiple other issues since.

Yes, I have the same problem. Will probably change after a next update.

Yea have the exact same problem… annoy the crap out of me :frowning:

Had the same problem, both on iPhone and iPad. If that’s what you have, just go in your settings, select notifications and for the airbnb app, you disable the “badge app icon”.

Of course that means that if you do get other messages, you won’t see that you do when the app is not opened.

HI All

Thanks for your replies.

As a follow up.looking in my setting (iPhone) and notifications there is no entry for Airbnb. How can I get Airbnb back in?

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If you don’t see airbnb in the notifications (it should be up top as the apps are in alphabetical order), it’s probably because you removed the app from your phone.

I’m trying to include a picture but am not succeeding. Will try it later from my desktop.

Yesterday my phone was showing a red 3 and no amount of banging on that phone would make it change. This morning it has been reset to the default 1, once again.

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HI All,

I’m using an iPhone if I go to settings and scroll down and select Airbnb, the only options I have are: Background App Refresh and Mobile data, interestingly I do not have an option Notifications. - Strange

You have to go into 'Notifications" first and then select airbnb.

But then you don’t get notifications. There is a bath water analogy.

You still get notifications; if you look at the picture, it’s only the “Badge App Icon” that is turned off and that is what the red circle is.

@Newflover I will give it a try. Thanks.

@Newflover When I go into notification airbnb is not in the list

I think we need an update, to me this looks like a bug!

many thanks for your help.


Thanks for posting … I have the circle with a 1 also … been that way for weeks. I finally decided to just ignore it. I’m in Los Angeles, CA area… Lia

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I’ve reported it to AirBNB twice and posted it here and nothing has been done, so I am just leaving it, no other choice. Unless someone can provide me with a good email address to contact Airbnb on?

I have 70 notifications on my mobile app and have no idea what they are for.

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