Mixed review received - Help needed

We just received the following review:
“We had a nice time in the house of Wilfred. He is friendly and polite and they’re there to help all the time. :slight_smile: The only thing to complain would be that it is situated at a loud avenue. Thanks for everything Wilfred! Take care!”

We have this in our add:
"Simple, clean room with double bed (140cm) in an apartment next to the “Via Expresa”."
The map of our ad is clear and shows us next to a big traffic artery. Truth be told the noise is load because of the standard Peruvian windows that let in all the noise. We provide earplugs to guests for this. We haven’t put in our ad that the noise is too much, because it depends from person to person. And of course I don’t want to scare off everyone :frowning: . It’s a rental apartment where we due to circumstances ended up, but we are looking to move, but it’s not easy because of crazy rental prices (relative to our income).

This guest did mention the noise when he was in our apartment, but was overall very happy and even added 2 nights to his original reservation. Some guests have mentioned the noise to us in private and some guests have said that it didn’t bother them at all. Now I am scared that we will never again will get a reservation :cry:.

Should I change my ad? Should we close our BnB until moving? Should I react publicly? Should I ask him to change his review or at least put it in other words?
What should I do?

Any advice appreciated ! The good and the bad…

Thank you so much.

Don’t worry about it! As you say, noise is subjective. This is an honest review and in general very positive. It’s true that you might get less bookings from those sensitive to noise if they read that, but hopefully that should mean happier guests


I would let it stand. This statement is fact. If you usually respond publicly, do so, but don’t mention the noise. Instead, say something generic such as “Oh it was such a pleasure to have you stay with us. We were so happy when you decided to extend your stay by two days. We hope to see you again!”

Go positive. Leave your listing alone.


You could turn the negative into a positive.

Although situated next to a busy city street, with the expected noise, this urban location also gives guests convenient access to this vibrant setting with shops, restaurants and cafes within walking distance.


I like it when guests mention in their review features that might deter others yet we have no control over. As guests don’t read the listing, but they read the reviews this might help you to weed out guests who are noise sensitive.


Agree it’s good when a guest mentions things like this a review as people can read it and move on if it’s an issue to them.

In my case I get a lot of reviews mentioning the room is small and I love them! I did think it would ensure people who needed a bigger place would move on but yes,you guessed it my most recent guest was unhappy with his stay because the room and indeed the flat was small. He went as far as to ding me hard on overall and accuracy. Ironic given the name of the listing is Small room, and about 8 reviews also confirm the room is small.

There’s always one.

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What is the difference between dinging and mentioning?

Oh so to explain : if someone mentions it in a review but gives a standard star rating (for example most mention it’s small but still leave five stars in recognition that they got what they expected). A ding to me is the guest who paid, and then acts like you misrepresented the place. His review said one thing and his stars something else.

In particular under accuracy he wrote he was unhappy the place was small. Here’s my listing for the record:

You can say many things but not that you didn’t expect a small room. And I can’t see specifically what he scored in the individual areas but it must have been bad as I had five stars overall and five stars in every category except location until his review came in.


Have you considered adding the actual dimensions of the room and apartment to your listing [in both meters and feet]? You do say a couple of times in your listing that the room is small, but small is a very subjective term. Plus, non-native speakers might not be as careful to read every word of your listing.

I added dimensions to my listing about 3 months ago, and I am pleased with the expectations that people currently have when they arrive.

Just a thought.


I have no idea where I’d get the dimensions from but … it’s definitely small enough I can get down on my knees and measure it. Like the idea thank you !
Lately I’ve just been messaging guests after they book and reiterating the salient points (small and no kitchen ) and asking them to confirm that’s what they want. @anon67190644

Gosh, I took out a tape measure and measured the rooms.


Haha!! Good ok that’s what I planned to do too :wink:

For a second I was imaging you guys got given floorplans with the house!

Your point about English speakers is a good one : I do feel like my listing isn’t exactly simple. It’s priced at the right level for the adjustments and flexibility I need guests to make … but it only works if they get that I live in a place with limited space and they’re sharing that space with me.

Maybe a switch of the first two words in your title would bring the word “Small” to the forefront: Small, Simple & Cosy Room…

Actually, “simple” would not be my choice in describing your place because there is a lot going on visually. Perhaps ‘comfy’ or ‘homey’ might be more fitting (Small, Comfy & Cosy…). Just a thought.

Micro room! It’s not that small as it holds a double bed. How about minimal?

It’s soooo unfair to get dinged on things that are clearly mentioned and disclosed, if you want to use that word, in the listing. In mine, I say it in the first paragraph. The road to the beach is steep. You can walk it but driving is recommended. I can’t tell you how many times they’ve said in the review, we were hoping we could walk to the beach. We didn’t expect that road, blah blah. Or that it’s located 25 minutes from groceries and shops. Fully disclosed in sentence one. “It was further away from the town than we Thought.”

Nothing will change this. The guest expectation and the reality are two different things, no matter how much you say disclose. And that discrepancy will show up in reviews. But I do like Ellen’s idea that having it appear in a review will temper future expectations.

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@SandyToes. The first word is already small. Are you saying I should change it to cosy, small room ? And the room itself is simply decorated. It’s the rest of my place that is pretty boho but they aren’t renting the rest of my place :slight_smile:

Minimal to me does not mean small. A room can be very large and still minimal.

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The first word in the title of your ad is the word “Simple”; the second is the word “Small”. So, if you wanted to bring more attention to prospective guests that it is a small apt., so they won’t be disappointed, my suggestion is that you consider transposing the first two words and have it appear, “Small, Simple & Cosy…etc.”

(What’s “boho”?..bohemian?)

Ha I would have sworn it was was the first word! Doesn’t cost me anything to swap them over, why not. Thanks !

Edit changed it to Small and Cosy.

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Yes it’s an eclectic decorating style where nothing matches.