Missing Wimdu Payout

Wimdu recently removed PayPal as payout option for hosts and only allows bank transfer (I’ve got very few bookings on Wimdu btw). I got the following email requesting personal information for the payout when I discovered the payout is missing for the Wimdu guests I am hosting right now:

To proceed with the payment please provide the following information:

If the intended payee is a person:

Full name,
Date of birth,
Place of birth,
Full postal address,
The purpose of the payment

Can you also please confirm whether there is any direct or indirect involvement of any prohibition countries (North Korea, Iran, Syria, Cuba, Sudan (Republic of Sudan or North Sudan), South Sudan (Republic of South Sudan) or the region of Crimea) in this transaction?

Anybody else had the same issue for the first time bank transfer payout? It sounds very suspicious to me.

Have you tried giving them a call?

Here’s the reply from Wimdu Payment team:

It is our Bank who is requesting this information.

Unfortunately without that information our bank will not process your payment.

If you feel more safe by contacting our bank directly, feel free to do it by sending an email to : support@envoyservices.com

We have only learn about this issue when we have contact our Bank in order to ask for a payout proof because we couldn’t see that your payout was bounce.

You are right in the part that our Bank should have inform us if they stop your payout for whatever reason and not wait until we request form them a paoyut prof. I apologized for this.


Estefania Gochez

I don’t know, I’d be very careful to make sure that you verify the bank contact details before sending them an email. I was hacked on Wimdu and ended up with my paypal account emptied! Paypal resolved it all after a few months of screaming and yelling, but it was a real eye opener to have $13k gone from my paypal account. I’ve had more scam attempts on wimdu than I have on any other platform, not sure why

I am in the same boat as I assumed I was being scammed when I got the email from Wimdu about paypal being eliminated. They say they emailed me three times but I’m sure it was only 1 time. The fact that they allowed me to welcome 2 different sets of guests without following up on the payment is super annoying.

I did NOT, however, get those questions.

Go to your wimdu account and set up a transfer. You have to bank with a bank that has a BIC code, which I did not (credit union) so I had to set up a new checking account. Now my payment was issued by bounced back so I have to figure out what the blah-blah-blah is wrong and fix it.

Good luck - let me know what happens - I also have few Wimdu guests but appreciate them!!

Envoyservices.com is a domain name owned by WorldPay. However cavalier the process looks, it also appears legit.

I agree with @dcmooney: if you can, set up a transfer on the website directly.

Did you eventually get the payout to your bank account?

“Now my payment was issued by bounced back so I have to figure out what the blah-blah-blah is wrong and fix it.” Did you mean that Wimdu claimed the payment was issued but bounced back because of your bank choice? I also set up the bank transfer with a credit union bank.

never leave huge amount of balance in PayPal. I always withdraw after each payout.


Yes, I did set up the bank transfer on the Wimdu site. But Wimdu claimed that its payment provider bank (‘WorldPay’?) needs those questions answered before releasing the payout.

To be clear, those are usual questions for “KYC” (Know Your Customers) business rules to avoid money-laundering and identify the beneficiary of every transaction.

I don’t recall I have to provide these info for the recipient when I wire money out. I am not customer of Wimdu’s payment bank. Wimdu’s booking transaction should be enough proof of the legitimacy of this payout transaction. That’s what I think.