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Missing fields?

I’m new; still completing my ABB account info. I’m confused because there seem to be some missing fields. For example:

  • I offer internet and Cable TV but those options are not available for me to check mark in the amenities section.
  • There is no place to include a long description. The short description shows up in the long description.
  • Someone sent me a private message. I read it but then went back to respond, and it’s gone.

Welcome to the magical land of Airbnb glitches. I wish I could help you!

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When you initially create your listing, there are different fields available than later on if you edit it. So - get it created, then go through piece by piece to set your fields. And then go through it one more time to make sure everything saved appropriately,

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Oh you have hit one of my pet peeves. Have that long description ready to go… and the Other Thing to Note, etc. BUT, and this is a big but, you can not add those until the listing is live!!! So, when you think it is almost ready, you have to take that leap of faith, go live, and then quickly go to Manage Listings -> Calendar & Listings -> Detail Description and get that stuff in before you get your boost and the inquiries come flooding in.

AirBNB has a lot of leaps of faith.

As to Instant Messages on this site, click on your face in the upper right hand corner, then the envelope, and you should see your messages.

Hi smtucker. That’s odd. So seriously… there will be inquiries flooding in that quickly? What do you mean by “get your boost”?

Lots of posts about this, but in a nutshell, AirBNB gives new listings a “boost” when you go live. This lasts about 5 weeks. You get preferred placement in the search results and a “new” button on the listing. Experienced AirBNB’ers know that “new” can often mean “less expensive.” Of course, the number of bookings you receive will be dependent on your market, meaning, if this is a popular destination for this time of year, you could get quite a few bookings quickly. Time going live so you can respond to the inquiries quickly since AirBNB does track your response time.

Good luck!

Thank you smtucker. Appreciate you taking the time to respond. I’ll do a search on “boost”.

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