Missing cordlss drill rant!

I recently opened this very cute basement apartment which took me 2 years to complete. It started booking an hour after I listed it. So this is my fourth listing with over a 1000 guests n 4 years.

The entrance to this listing is a door under my deck and thru my workshop into the space. The other day I noticed I couldnt find my Bosch cordless drill, I have looked everywhere. So now Im thinking a guest stole it. It could have been anyone of four recent couples that stayed. WTF who does this theese days with cameras in public spaces. Guests are getting stranger by the week. Should I put up a camera in my shop? It just pisses me off that it has come to this. I’ve had a very good run with few problems but lately things have gone down hill.

I wouldn’t put up a camera, but I would create a way to lock up all your tools.


LOL i need to lock my tools in my own house. dont see that as the answer. thanks for the input (first post for me)

The fun of shuffling through a working wood shop, covered with dust and scattered tools, will wear thin and your guests I am sure would prefer a clean entrance. Might be time to change the entryway. Maybe put up a wall to make a short hallway for the guests.


That’s too bad. But I wouldn’t leave valuable items where guests have access.

Are you listing this an an entire place? If so, guests would legitimately have reason to mark down for accuracy, as an entire place requires a private entrance.


I know someone who lists their entire personal home and there is also a garage with tools, etc. She’s been hosting for years and I don’t believe anything has ever gone missing but she did see a guest on camera going into the garage and had to ask them not to do that. So maybe this won’t really be a problem, just a one off.

It’s perfectly natural when someone can’t find something to think someone else took it, moved it or whatever. I suppose if this guest has plenty of room in their luggage or was driving a car they might take something like that but it’s kind of an odd thing to take if there’s a whole shop full of stuff for the taking.

It’s possible you’ve just misplaced it yourself as well. Sadly, the older I get the more it happens to me.


I think this too.

Btw.I did maintenance in my condo in October. Keith the handiman & I worked together. Tool boxes were out & open.
We do this whenever I do maintenance.

Me: Keith—are those my needle nose pliers?
Keith: maybe. I wondered where they came from. Is the tape measure in your box mine—I see my initials.
Me: probably. I wondered why I had two.
Keith: you’ve got 2 1/4 inch drill bits in your kit.
Me: take one. I should only have 1.

My snow shovel went missing. My neighbor has my garage code & borrowed it.

Anyway sometimes tool theft isn’t really.

However power tools are something else. It hopefully won’t happen again.

Haha. I used to regularly find my tools in my ex’s toolbox. As if all tools must be the guy’s.


Heck, yeah. I have one inside my garage in my STR because it’s my workspace and guests are not to access it. It’s locked off to them but just in case I accidentally leave the door unlocked or what whatever, I want to know what’s going on. Plus it lets me see the garage door is down.

Bonus: I needed a neighbor to put something in there for me…I opened it remotely and have him instructions via the camera (spoke to him through it) and then I remotely closed the door. It was pretty cool.

Add the camera and disclose it to the listing. Sorry about your drill. I love mine. I’d be :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Lol, I have been losing my s**t for years! I alway seem to find it right where I left it…


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Or IMMEDIATELY after I decide to replace it, having waited 3-6 months, hoping against all hope.


Wow you are a ROCK STAR! Awesome!

Yes I thought that was the case, I have looked everywhere, I use the drill a few times a week I also have another cordless so I didnt think much of it at the time. Just bothers me, and the quality of my guests seems to be deteriorating

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Yeah I hope they cant find the charger. $200 drill, always sits on my bench 90% someone lifted it.

Theres another entrance thru the house but the point was to have a private space of their own. The covidiots are liking it. The shop is super clean

This explains a lot…


Oh, yeah, one of them would definitely steal. They now think laws and rules for the benefit of society are for sheep. No doubt they “did their research” and discovered your brand was the best.


You may not see it, but it’s obvious. I don’t leave ANYTHING where guests might have access unless it’s locked away or locked up.

As others have said, you need to either build a hallway or lock up everything.

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