Missing check in tool - the key icon

Check in key removed with the latest update. We found this feature a great time saver with a scripted set of instructions. Removed per tech support but no explanation. Minor aggravation but vexing

Same thing happened to me! When I called and told Air they said it must be a glitch and that they “were working on fixing it”.

It randomly popped back up for a week or two but then disappeared again. So weird! Now I just copy and paste the link from previous reservations.

I agree though, it was a helpful tool! Its some consolation to know others are having the issue too as maybe they will be more diligent in fixing it.

Thicko me has no idea what you’re talking about. What is/was the key icon?

In the messaging portal, there is supposed to be a “key” icon. Same place where you can find your saved messages. It was an easy way to send over the check-in guide for guests.

Maybe it only pops up if you’ve created a check in guide? That I’m not sure about. It’s definitely not that hard to copy and paste but I still liked the convenience of it!

Ah. That’s what I always do. I have had saved messages within the system but I also have them as notes on my phone and on the laptop. I’m very much a ‘belt and braces’ person (does that translate to American?) and don’t like to have all my resources in one place. (Or maybe it makes me a control freak, I don’t know :crazy_face: )

Especially when it’s a website that can be down or can be glitchy.


It’s only on the app, not the desktop. Just like the simplicity of sending docs on or pictures on the app, but not the computer. As I’ve said before, I won’t be at all surprised if they go to an all app functionality in the future.

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Ha! That’s definitely a new one to me, but some context clues helped me figure it out :wink:

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That makes sense. I’ve only ever noticed it on the app now that you mention it.

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Yes, if I don’t want my trousers to fall down, I use a belt and some braces. Although here I’d say pants and not trousers, belt and what … suspenders for braces? Not as alliterative though… :slight_smile:

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The direct link to it is:

https://www.airbnb. com/reservation/check-in-guide/XXXXXXXX

(remove the space after the dot)

wherein ‘XXXXXXXX’ is your property’s unique 8-digit identifier, which can be found in your listing URL:


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Thank you. We have the info and have been following your suggested approach. My message was more about a useful tool going away from the app and as a reference if someone else was wondering.

My first foray into this community despite being a host for over a year.

Thanks again,

Welcome @Daddyo!

My key icon is still there in the app, in fact I just used it today and it is working like normal. Maybe it is fixed?

Mine is missing too. I have 3 listings on one property with the third being the first two combined. All three listings have different check in instructions and I NEED that link to be sure I send each unit the correct and specific instructions. Ugh. I called support. After removing and reinstalling the app, etc, the support person ‘will get back to me’.
My parking is off street via alley with assigned spaces and not at all intuitive. PLEASE bring back the key. I remember how clumsy it was prior to this feature.
Thanks for listening.
PS- For those not using this feature, you are missing out. Guests know exactly what to expect with photos and text. Of course we need it back first.

Dos you still have your key icon? Mine is still missing.

Mine is still there and working. Maybe you could try updating your app?

Mine is still missing as well. I saved the link to a ‘Saved Message’ so now I just send it that way.

I’ve been a host for nearly three years, but I have no idea what a key icon is. Explanation?

I have created a check in guide that connects to a link in Airbnb that I send my guests. It contains all the details for parking and entry with photos and text. It’s so cool. There used to be a key :key: icon at the bottom of messaging alongside the pages, photos and camera icons. It was so easy as it would pop the appropriate check in link right into the messaging. I have three listings and all have specific instructions with assigned parking and such. Check out the guide though.

In the Airbnb app, when you go to your hosting inbox and then open one of your message threads, there are four little icons across the very bottom of the screen, below where you would write your message. From left to right there is a camera, a photo, a paper with writing, and a key. If you click on the key it automatically inserts a link to your check-in guide in your message.

It is very handy when you need to send the link to someone.

@RootsEatery, I checked just now and my key is still there and working. I am on an iPhone if that makes a difference to you.

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@georgiahost so jealous.