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Missing all messages from guests and prospective guests from all of 2019

I was checking my AirBnB inbox looking for the dates when Guests checked in last November and December 2019. To my shock, every single message from 2019 from any guest or prospective guests is gone.

Has anyone else found large numbers of messages missing from their Airbnb message inbox?

I wouldn’t worry, they’ll be back at some point. Mine are fine, but it sounds like the children are playing with the system and have broken something. Daddy IT person will sort it out, if he’s still in a job that is.



Ha! I have little faith in AirBnB fixing anything these days. Luckily I don’t need the info right now for anything important but I pray it comes back!

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I’d be interested to know what important issues you might need them for?

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I didn’t say anything about issues. I have three different single family AirBnB houses and I do go back and review things and analyze them to compare how they did and what was most effective and the differences in the guests each attracted so I can tweak how I market them. Without The messages, I don’t have a record of how many in the group, why they were coming to our area, etc.

@JohnF I just laughed out loud at this. It’s the best answer I’ve ever seen to the constantly disappearing and reappearing info on Air. If I’m looking for something and can’t find it, I usually wait a day or two and it’s right back where it’s supposed to be. I always shake my head when someone on here responds with “what did they say when you called?” Exactly what you’d expect, they have no clue.

Well, all of my 2019 messages and booking info is still missing…and it’s been more than a day or two. I’m wondering if it’s gone for good.

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