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Minut (2nd gen) verse NoiseAware (3rd gen)

I’ve read some reviews online of these products, but anything I can find comparing them seems to always include at least one of them using a previous gen. I’m curious if anyone has compared first hand the two current versions and if so, what they prefer?

I’m leaning towards Minut as it seems to cover quite a bit more than just noise, and it seems like their noise detection is more accurate in distinguishing between real issues and just common use noise.

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@Island - Hello! I have Minut and love it. It is a non-intrusive way to keep an eye on my property when I am not there, in addition to noise alerts for guests. My house isn’t yet advanced enough to do app monitoring for thermostats, etc so I’ll have found it invaluable in that It has a temperature, humidity, glass breakage, alarm and general noise sensor, as well as a movement sensor. The movement part has been wonderful, knowing when service companies and my caretaker are around. I don’t know what “gen” I’m in for the technology but I’ve had it approximately a year, and I highly recommend it.

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Much appreciated, it really does seem like a great product. How do you find the battery life? Are you getting 6months as advertised?

I get the 6 months but it is truly right on that timeframe and no more. I got a little bit more until I turned on the glass break detection and then it dropped to the 6 months.

Couple other things, I just checked:

  • The unit sent two low battery warnings, the first was a month before the second (and last) warning.
  • The app is pretty detailed with graphs and amounts. There is a lot of detail for the free version (which is what I have).
  • The app has a log of times for all notifications. Notifications can be changed - picked or turned off.
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Where are yours located in the house?

I am considering locating one maybe in the living room/loft area and one in the outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen location is right next to an older neighbor, so I would like to know just how loud things get out there in case there are issues.

The nicest thing I noticed in researching is that there is no monthly fee when you only have one property like me.

We only have one home as well and only have one Minut for the house. It is located in the hall at the bottom of the entry steps and in the middle of the kitchen/living/dining area. I put it there because it is on the main area where people would congregate and because anyone in the house has to pass by that location to get anywhere else (based on the layout of the house). That way it does double duty as a noise monitor when the house is occupied and a movement sensor when the house is empty.

I’m leaning towards Minut in terms of capability, but in Canada they really screw over the customer as everything is in Euro’s and more expensive even before FX. Wish they would just ship and bill out of the US.

Roomonitor is interesting but I’m trying to figure out if it’s a true competitor or just a budget alternative.

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