Minimum Stay Requirement by City Ordinance

Hi, I am new to this forum. I have been hosting for about 6 months and really enjoy it!

My very small city is contemplating a short stay rental ordinance and I am fine with being licensed and inspected and so forth (I am a former licensed Bed & Breakfast Innkeeper). One of the provisions in the proposed ordinance is that I must require a minimum stay of three days. While I know many hosts prefer minimum stays, it’s not important to me. I can’t figure out why the city would care. Anybody have an idea on this?

I just found out yesterday that there is a “listening session” tonight for public comment on the ordinance, which I will attend. I’d just like to hear a few arguments for and against if possible. A small thing I know, but would appreciate any input. BTW, the other proposal on the table is to make short term rentals illegal in the city, so I really want to do all I can to quash that!


We had a lot of listening sessions in Los Angeles in 2015. A lot of things like getting rid of short term rentals, limiting it to 90 days, etc. was brought up but never a 3 night minimum stay. I don’t know why that would matter.

Thanks for your reply Joanna.

I attended the hearing and the rationale from the Planning Commission was that having a minimum stay would cut down on the coming and going of vehicles from a rental property–the guests themselves, cleaning crew, etc. I said there was more action in my neighborhood from the lawn care trucks, lakeweed removal trucks, and construction trucks from neighbors remodeling projects than there ever would be from my one or two guest vehicles. Other owners agreed and it was struck from the working document. Democracy in action!

Three days makes no sense as most rentals will be wk-end which is usually two days. I would talk to my council person.