Minimum Stay Question

I’ve decided that for the upcoming summer season I want to have a 2 night minimum stay, but only for weekends. Is this possible?

I went to make the change in my Availability Settings. I set it for a 2 night minimum, and then checked the button for Guests Must Check In On A Specific Day and set the day to Friday. I’m hoping that what that means is if a guest tries to check in on Friday, they must stay for at least Saturday as well, but if they check in on any other day, they only have to stay one night. However, it looks as though what it really is doing is only allowing guests to check in on Friday, no matter what, which is not what I want.

Can anyone clarify?

Click the drop down for “during” and there’s a choice for weekends. Totally not intuitive, I know. See here for a walk through:

Unfortunately, it’s only Fridays AND Saturdays, but you can also set every Friday, I believe, through “specific dates.” A PITA, but a solution.