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Minimum requirements for guests’ split payment?


I just received a message from a guest who is checking in in one week for one night with her 3 adult siblings. (They are spending the night during a nearby family reunion.). She stated that she had just made her final payment. My payout is $135.80 ($40 base rate, $40 cleaning fee, $20/guest over first). She originally only booked for just herself and it took weeks of messages and finally contacting Airbnb to get her to accept the change request to add the $60 for her siblings.

What is the minimum booking cost to be able to do split payments? What are the time frames for payment? I thought the last payment had to be two weeks before? Anyways, it was just really odd.


I just found that the minimum is supposed to be $50 but wow! That seems a bit ridiculous. Too bad Airbnb doesn’t give hosts an option to collect part before guests arrive!!




That’s great. thanks for your helpful link buddy.


Could you please do the forum a huge favour? Please don’t update threads that have run their course unless you have something to say that would substantially add to the conversation. Thanks!

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