Minimum numbers for different seasons, just like minimum stay flexibility?

Hey People,
I wish you could set the minimum number of people to be different on different times in the calendar the way you can do for minimum length of stay.
That flexibility would really help with pricing over varied seasons or times of the year!
Or is there a way to do this already?

Eg next week calculates price by $50 per person after 5 people, and the week after calculate the price by $50 per person but after 6 people!

Manually set your prices day-by-day, week-by-week etc. It hardly takes an hour or so to block out your Seasons, holidays, etc. for an entire year.

Oh yes this would help a lot! I have mentioned it to Airbnb before, but I suppose unless enough people blow up the feedback emails, or call - then they won’t do anything.

I have my base rate set at 4 guests. I charge an additional guest fee for the 5th and 6th guests.

BUT…when I want to run a special, I would like to attract couples during the off seasons. During those times I prefer to price at 2 guests, and then have the additional guest fee apply from there. I don’t know of any way to work around this.

Other listings sites do allow me to enter in separate weeks and base prices on the number of guests I choose. If someone knows a secret please do share.

I honestly would not mind lowering my rate to $175 for 2 adults only. But I would not want that same rate when it is 4 adults…2 couples.

Let’s both send feedback again through email, and hopefully others will do the same.

Yes it is a feature that would really be helpful especially when you don’t want to change the price per head, but want to skew pricing in favour of larger groups in certain seasons.