Minimum nights except for gap days

I’d like to set a minimum number of nights stay to 2 nights. But when there are 1-night gap days, I’d like those to be bookable as 1 night minimum stays. There doesn’t seem to be a way to do this, is there?

Sometimes I can. Sometimes I can’t. It used to be simple, but with a recent update, it has become more capricious. Not much help. Just letting you know that I share your pain.

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The only way I know of is the hard way. Set your minimum to 2 nights. Then add in specific dates and set the minimum to 1 night.

So let’s say you have Jan 10-14 and 15-20 booked. You can create a specific date range (from the 13th to the 15th) and set the minimum to 1 night for that date range. Since the 13th is booked and the 15th is booked, someone can book the 14th, but not the 13th or the 15th.

It’s work, but does only take a minute or two to set it up.

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Thanks. That manual way seems to be the only way I can think of too unfortunately. Hopefully they’ll have a new feature for this soon.

I wouldn’t expect any such feature anytime soon. Airbnb adding features to let you set exceptions to the current rule can be a nightmare, a slippery slope. Airbnb getting the functionality right is a big ask, especially given their lack of robust software development, each time they add a new feature an existing one breaks.

What @PitonView says I think is good enough, it’s not that much more work. Think of it this way: each time you update the calendar, the system registers your listing as active/update and the algorithms might favor you in a search result.

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sounds good. Thanks.

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that’s The Algorithm to you.