Midweek pricing

Wondering if it is possible to set a midweek price the same as one can set a weekend price.

There isn’t such a setting at the moment. Are you trying to set a different price than your base price and your weekend rate? Also, by midweek do you mean on Wednesdays only?

Isn’t your ‘base price’ your midweek price? Weekend pricing is the exception to your base price … which is your other-days-of-the-week-price. If you want to target specific days other than M-F you need to set prices manually.


I set prices manually, by selecting dates and assigning a value. That way I can set separate prices for local events (baseball spring training, college graduations, major regional art shoes, etc), as well as Snowbird season, Hurricane season, etc. Only takes half an hour to do a whole year!


What are regional art shoes?? LOL. Just teasing.

Thanks very much for all your help. Perhaps I am stupid, but I find the whole pricing regime on Airbnb very hard to understand, especially when renting an entire house. Once again thanks for all your help.

You don’t have regional art shoes? Oh you poor thing! They are simply the most wonderful way to separate tourists from dollars since the invention of the frozen drinks cart on the sundrenched beach!

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