Middle of the night app notifications

I have the Airbnb app installed on both my iPhone and iPad. It’s somewhat limited in some ways but it makes it easy to respond to bookings etc quickly. Recently though (last few weeks?) there has been a marked increase in review reminder notifications from Airbnb that arrive in the middle of the night or at least very, very early in the morning. Sometimes these arrive when the guest hasn’t even checked out yet! I don’t fancy the hassle of turning notifications off and on every night and morning. Has anyone else been having this issue? (By the way, hello to you all. I’ve only just signed up and this is the first thread that I’ve started.)


If it means money in my pocket, I will answer that ding at 3am. I might be a rarity in that.


Hi Laura. It’s not booking requests that bother me so much - as you say, money in the bank. But I’m not sure why I need to be reminded to write a review for a guest at 4:25am.


Yes, but they are notices to review the guest! No one needs that at 3 a.m.!

@Geddy3, welcome! Can you select to have notifications turned off for that?

I have learned to sleep through my phone signaling an email, but like @Laura, I will respond to a booking inquiry at any time I’m awake.


I had someone book the other day at 1am for September. That’s the latest booking I’ve had so far.

I put my phone on silent from midnight to noon. (I have an eccentric sleep cycle.) That’s done automatically using an Android app called Nights Keeper. It isn’t fancy, but it’s reliable, though you’ll need to pay for it to be useful. Also, I sent the developer a bug report, and he responded quite helpfully. So there’s that.

I don’t know if it’s possible to selectively turn off Airbnb notifications via such an app, but you could investigate.

If I’m awake at night I’m never far from my computer, and I check my email pretty frequently (something like every 15 min), so I don’t really depend on the app to tell me about Airbnb notifications. Also, Nights Keeper is easy to pause if you want to disable the silent setting temporarily.


I don’t use the app, and won’t because I do not want to be that “tied” to any communication device.

I check my computer early morning (7-8AM), mid-day (12-1PM) early evening (4-5PM) and before bed (11-11:30 PM). That’s more than enough. We have 24 hours to respond, after all!

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I also have an iPhone and iPad and I only get inquiries from potential guests or messages from actual guests, nothing else.

You can set what notifications you want in the settings section of the apps.

On my iPhone I’m able to set my phone to a sleep mode where there are no noise notifications from the times I set. I have it set from 10pm-7am, the only noise that my phone will make is telephone calls (figuring 95% of those would be true emergencies) and that keeps me from getting text and app notifications in the middle of the night.

Since you have an iPhone got to: Settings>Do Not Disturb and then set your time and whether you want to allow phone calls.


Excellent - thank you @Sarah_Warren!

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I got three such notifications for 3 guests right in a row, guests had not even checked out yet! May be a total coincidence, but I responded to one of the text messages with "Dear Airbnb, how can I leave a review when guests have yet to depart?. Hasn’t happened since then.

This web site is not affiliated with Airbnb. If you want to change any of their ways, you will have to notify them directly.
I have all notifications on my phone turned off at night. It is the only way I get a good nights rest.

Yes, I know this is a hosts forum and its not run by Airbnb. I was just curious to see if anyone else had the same experience.

I’ve been getting these for every guest lately. It’s very annoying. I want to associate that ding with inquiries or bookings that’s it, not a reminder to review. They use to send emails and we were all fine and now they do it through Airbnb app and it shows up while the guest is still around. This feature needs to go.


I recently am also bothered by these “review reminder” or “pre accept reminder” for an inquiry at 2 am!

Just send me an email for these type of reminders! I had to set my phone to airplane mode to avoid being woken up by the ding

I finally had remembered to research on this and found the place to turn off the reminder text notice on the app. Only choose to email notifications. Kept text notification for guest inquiries or bookings

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I have set my phone to “do not disturb” from 11pm - 7am for just this reason. Only calls from my immediate family would get through. On nights when I allow a self check in, I try to remember to turn the phone on completely when I head to bed, just in case. Not a perfect system, but the best I can do.

thank you thank you for this. you’re a life saver. I used to just set the do not disturb but then would miss out on some inquiries. thanks again for the tip.