Michigan proposed bills to allow STrentals in all of Michigan with no local control

Two bills have just been introduced into the Michigan legislature to universally in all of Michigan to allow for short term rentals and take away control from local governing bodies. The bills are 329 and 4503. They have been referred to committee. Local planning associations such as the Michigan Association of Planning has sent communications to as many local governments as that could to advise passing resolutions against these bills and to send these resolutions to local state legislators. This happened at our twp board last night. If we want this passed we will need lots of persons contacting their Michigan state reps to support. I personally have some mixed feelings. Because where I live we have our twp government out doing snooping and sending letters of airbnb curtailment to hosts that it is downright bullying. We are PURE Michigan and tourism is huge. Where I live in Traverse City there are not enough hotel rooms in the summer to handle the demand. I have no trouble whenever I have a free weekend coming up to just open my listing on say Tues and within 24 hours I will have a guest signed up for the weekend. They appreciate not being gouged by the hotel at $300 for a room when they can have our beautiful full upstairs with a great view of clear Lake Michigan. Our township goes after airbnb hosts and yet we provide a great service and help fill our local restaurants with considerate guests. So I support these bills unless our local government loosens the zoning standards. Please contact your State representatives. The push back will be huge. We are up against a hard uphill battle. Regards, Curt

This could also set a precedent for other locales.

Michigan has a long history of STR’s. All those lake cabins in the Northern part of the state have been rented out for a very long time. My father remembers summering there as a very young boy. They rented a cabin for two weeks every year. I can’t imagine that the owners of those cabins would applaud being restricted.

Here in MA we have the same traditions with lakeside and oceanside cabins. Our governor is very reluctant to anger that constituency.