Miami-Dade County, FL /City of West Miami

Does anyone know if a primary home in FL were a room is rented requires an Occupation al License/Certificate of Use?

The code for our city specifcies “unit or group of units in condo or single family dwelling without onsite management”. This is not us.

Wondering if anyone has dealt with this.

Thanks in advance.

Would your city not be able to clarify this for you if you contact the service handling this issue @yvettebetancourt.

It appears this issue can be quite complex and specific in some cases to exactly where you live so you are likely to best go straight to the horses mouth.

Contact your city/county directly. Here in Lee County no license is required.

I agree - you need to contact your city. Everywhere is different. Ken is only a short drive from where I am in Broward but we need a business license for STR.

I don’t understand how it can be in your primary home (thus where you live) but you don’t provide onsite management so only your local authority will know what’s needed for your situation in your area.