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Met all superhost criteria but never got the badge!

Hi all!

I have a simple question but I got a very cloudy answer from airnbn suport!

The question is: On the 1st of October 2015 my superhost activity was all “Green” (including 81% 5 star rating) Why I did not received the badge? Below is the answer I had from support. Am I missing something here? What the heck is the July - October interval???

Eleni Z., Oct 12, 03:41:
Hello George,Thank
you for contacting Airbnb, my name is Eleni and I’m part of the
customer experience team delighted to be helping you today. George,
I had a look intro your account and I can see that your 5 star review
rating was 77.8% from July until October. And th’as why you haven’t meet
meet the requirements for Superhost. But I can see from your reviews
that you are an amazing host and are providing a great hostitality so
keep doing this good job and you will definitely reach the Superhost
requirments to become a Superhost in the future. Please contact me if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help. Best wishes,Eleni Z.


Thank you in advance!

You’re not missing much by not having it to be honest! Your rating has to be above 80 or 85% and you have to maintain this for the vaulation every three months

Hi George,
I would not give too much about that status. I don’t believe anyone will lose a booking due to that missing badge.
I have just been reviewed on 1st of October. I have had 16 guests, 100% 5 star ratings, 100%, responce rate and 94% commitment rate. Got the status refused because I had to cancel one booking in that time.

Don’t worry about it. I got a super host badge this month, and you know how much difference it’s made in demand for my listing? Zero. It’s just a silly Airbnb gimmick.


The July-October interval refers to the three month period after which you are assessed for meeting Superhost standards. You are evaluated for the badge every three months, so after October, your 77% rating will be old news and you’ll have a whole new three months to hike your ratings up again : )

There’s a lot more about the Airbnb guidelines for becoming a Superhost here, so hopefully this will help you show the Airbnb community what you’re made of!!!

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