Messy Garbage Solution

I’m so happy to report that I have solved my problem: Messy garbage (think unbagged or open bags of food, dirty diapers and the like; gag me) which attract flies, which lead to maggots. I just threw up in my mouth a little. It’s written several places in my listing and House Manual to “bag your trash & dirty diapers”. Plenty of trash bags of all sizes are provided. After a few purchases that failed I found 95 gallon trash bags and giant rubber bands on Amazon to line my giant trash cans. The maggots are still there, but (as long as I remember to grab the rubber bands off before trash day) the nasty critters go out with the trash instead of sticking to the side of the can and crawling out all over the place. The inside of the can stays pretty clean, too. I’m so happy!


I have two ways of controlling the garbage.

  1. Guests who are staying for more than eight days get a mid-stay clean / linen / towel service.
  2. I go into the rentals as soon as possible after guests have left.


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These are generally three to five day bookings for ten to fifteen guests. I suspect that the trash situation is the result of mom or dad delegating trash duty, on the day of departure, to the teenagers, who toss it in every which way. During the stay I will often find fast food bags of half eaten sandwiches or pizza boxes with crusts tossed in the can. I have to strap the lids down due to critters (this is also noted and ignored).

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