Messaging potential guests

I had a third party request to book this morning. I messaged the person making the booking that borh Airbnb and my insurance company discourage thrid party bookings and asked if the person who wanted to stay could set up her own profile. I also indicated I would like to know the first name of the guest and would approve the stay once the current request was withdrawn and the new request came in.

They said they would have their sister make a profile this morning. I also indicated I would be away from my computer until 1:00 but would approve the request when I returned.

Haven’t heard a word.

I have just sent another message in the same thread saying “wondering if I should continue to hold that date for her?”

My question: Since this is not a reservation and the message I sent is on a withdrawn request, will they even see my message?

Update: They got back to me saying they couldn’t reach their sister (potential guest) today and if I have a chance to book the room, I should go ahead.

So that answers my question - yes they do see messages even after a request to book is withdrawn by the guest.

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