Messages with no Dates

I have started to get messages from guests that have not yet been verified, and don’t have any dates selected. It isn’t an inquiry, it isn’t a booking request, there is no count down clock. How are they doing this? If I click “contact host,” I am required to enter a start and end date.

I was just looking at a listing nearby which seemed pretty cheap; I couldn’t put dates in to check prices and could only message the the host … I think it’s an f up.

Me, too - it started 2 days ago.

Maybe a new “feature” that is being tested somewhere.

Your guest is waiting at a “checkpoint” for their reservation to be validated.

If you require your guests to go though ID verification as part of your “hosting requirements”, those guests are the ones that are willing to book, _have paid, but have not proceeded to go with the verification, and are just trying to communicate with you.

Their (pending) reservation blocks the dates on your calendar for 12 hours, but you are not told. That is why I made this fix called “Checkpoint” to be informed whenever that happened, and automatically help the guest by telling them where they need to go to have their reservation/request to book confirmed. Thanks for that information. In fact, I would prefer not to host this guest based on the amount of makeup she is wearing in her profile picture! My washcloths have told me that they don’t want to deal with this. And, in fact, I don’t generally like people who apply a mask daily. [We are talking about a LOT of makeup; not a tasteful enhancement of natural features.]

LOL! I have 2 young women checking in on Wednesday. I was just looking at their profile photos and thinking the same thing. They’ll be getting the cheapo linens.