Message to future guests?

Last Christmas, Airbnb had a little trick whereby you could send cards to all past guests. I’m looking for the opposite: a way to send the same message to all future guests (it’s to warn them that if they want to visit the Alhambra in Granada they need to book ahead - I’ve had so many guests disappointed already this year …). I know I can make it into a saved message and send it to everyone separately, but I am Mrs Lazybones and wondered if my Founts of all Air Wisdom on this board might know of a quick, easy way to do it?

Well this is ridiculous. EVERY single tour book has this warning. The website has this warning. The local tourist bureau has this warning. Aren’t people reading before they go to such a huge place?

And, as you probably know, there is a line that starts at the Granada ticket window to queue every morning at 5AM for same-day tickets that go on sale at 8AM. We wanted a second day, stood in the queue and got tickets. They didn’t sell out until about 9AM, but this was May, so don’t suggest that as a cut-off.

p.s. and to answer your question, I haven’t seen that ability. I wrote a database, downloaded all the contact information, and then did a bulk email via SendGrid when I wanted to do something similar. However, I know my infrastructure and don’t know yours, so I can’t offer this to you.