Message for Sydney Hosts; ideas/suggestions and potential accommodation sought

Firstly, I am really sorry about all the bollox you are currently experiencing with Air payments, and hope it is sorted very quickly.

In the meantime… It looks as though Mr Joan and I will be heading to Sydney in March, for up to to years. His London IT company is partnering with a NY one to implement some project for the ASX. We don’t have a great deal of info at the moment but he reckons the team heading out will be in the region of 20, plus their significant others. He’s picking up that this is likely to be senior people in the main, without kids.

I thought I’d post here after several days of property porn on; it seems there are very few furnished properties available for an LTR, even for six months, unless we pay through the nose.

It’s early days yet, but ideas and suggestions welcome if poss.

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Good luck, Joan and Mr Joan - it sounds as though it could be quite an adventure :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jaquo! Yes, quite an adventure and it couldn’t have come at a better time really. One door closes and all that…

And potentially Hong Kong after Sydney. Not so keen on that these days though.

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Have you looked at what Meriton serviced apartments offer?

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Deb, thank you. This is really interesting as a Lily Pad for entry. Not had a good look yet, but certainly allows for a good look-see-around how to arrive.

It depends on what you mean by “through the nose”. 10 years ago I rented a very large 1 bedroom+study apartment at Kirribilli Point on the Harbour for $1000/month (about £750 then, £550 now) on a 12 month lease then ongoing monthly. Now I would guess it is easily that much per week.

I don’t know where you are looking but if you search “Neutral Bay” and surrounding suburbs there are about 256 listed. A lot of apartments in that area. It might seem to be on the “wrong side” of the Harbour from where he is working but the morning ferry ride is awesome, you can commute into the city by ferry all the way from Manly beach. I lived at Kirraba Point and Kirribilli Point at different times, right on the water. If he is working somewhere like North Ryde then that is a train ride from North Sydney where there are also lots of apartments.

One thing you do want to avoid in Sydney is any sort of bus or car ride during peak hour. It is a nightmare. Unfortunately the lovely beach side suburbs are only reachable by car or bus.

Anyway good luck! Sydney, like London, is a great place to live if you have money. And hey, it’s only a 1 hour plane flight from Melbourne.

Good point. I stayed at one at Bondi Junction for a month but work was paying. Easy to get into the city by train as it was above the BJ station and only a short 10 min bus ride to Bondi Beach.

I was looking to move to HK a couple of years back and was prepared to pay over AUD75,000 a year for a decent sized apartment that was near work. You’ll never complain about rents again after that place!

Yup, I had factored that in for the sunsets at your place! Thanks for the great tips too. Together with Deb’s tip on looking at Meriton, we now have a decent benchmark for what ££££ allowance he’ll get for accommodation. It would be a dream for him to commute by ferry, after years of two hours each way into London on the train. I did it for 25 years too; exhausting. We’re looking at a place in Drummoyne that’s been an STR, but they are looking for a long term let next year. And the ferry is around the corner into CBD.

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