Mess up on listing... how to fix pleae?

Hi Everybody,

I am a newbie at AirBNB and listed my place before Christmas. I have only had 2 guests, one of whom left a really nice review, and a further booking for next week. The problem is I must have missed a field when I did the listing sheet and the location doesn’t come up… the heading just says “entire home/apt in %(city)” …Duh!!! it is a big problem as I think it is the reason I haven’t had so many enquiries, as people can’t find the listing. Everything else about the listing is good… nice photos etc etc. Obviously I can just delete the listing and start again, but the problem with that is I would lose the really nice review and I couldn’t do it til after the next booking, and hopefully they will leave a nice review as well. The other solution is to try and edit the listing to fix “the city”…but I have looked in every square inch of the website and cannot find where to change this particular word??? I am in New Zealand and there doesn’t seem to be any phone number for AirBNB to call. Any help as to how to solve this would be hugely appreciated!!! Thank you heaps!!!

New Zealand number
New Zealand +64 4 4880 888
all phone number are pinned at the top

Thanks heaps for that!!! I will call them in the morning. cheers

There are a few NZ hosts on here too :slight_smile:

Good luck - I’ve been waiting 4 months for Airbnb “technical” to change the postcode on one of my UK listings. I was told that the call centre staff don’t have the capability to make this sort of change, it has to be referred to the technical department.
(Dragging the map marker to the correct place actually changed the postcode whilst I was setting up the listing!)