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Merging listings to create new one


Hey all,
Am trying to merge 2 listings together to create a third listing. Give more options for 3 guests together.
When i go to the new 3rd listing, i go under availability, i clicked on the ‘linked airbnb calendara’ . When this happens, my other two previous listings starts blocking out days i know that are free. The new 3rd is not live until this issue can be resolved. Have called airbnb and send messages but the poor guy who is lovely but new.
I saw other hosts have had this problem, any suggestions on how to fix it?

I use a channel manager but maybe i should not linked the 3 calendars on airbnb and just merge all 3 together under a new unit.

Hope that makes sense


Hello! Did you get this figured out? I’m about to do the same with my second listing. I want to merge them to make a third one. Thanks!


No nina, it made my calendar block odd dates here and there. I just deleted it. I sent air some links from the community with the same problem and the reps i had could not offer any advice. I use a channel manager which also made it more difficult. I think Chris here on the forum has done it, so he might be more apt to ask than me

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