Mention late checkout in review or privately?

I know this topic has been discussed, but I’m not sure what I should do. A couple checks in for one night as they are leaving
on a cruise the next day. They checked in quite late, around 9 PM. My husband did the tour and says he told them checkout was 11AM. This is also in our listing and in print inside the unit. They mentioned to my husband that they had to be to the ship by noon, but didn’t ask for a late check out. Since they checked in so late and my husband covered it, I didn’t send my usual reminder message about checkout. At about 11:20 the next morning we hadn’t heard from them (we ask guests to message or text when they leave). We could see they were still there. My husband messaged them a polite message reminding them of checkout time and making sure they’d be out as our cleaner was on her way. They replied “yes we are”. They still didn’t leave. At 11:45 our cleaner showed up. My husband messaged them again that our cleaner had arrived. About 5 minutes after that, 50 minutes after checkout time, they got in an Uber and left, no apology or anything, they just thanked him for the stay and the wife said the bed was comfortable and that she slept like a baby. I think they planned to stay until the last minute all along, I’m not sure why they didn’t just ask as we could have accommodated them. Instead I’m angry at their sense of entitlement. Should I mention it in the public review, or just tell them privately that they need to respect the checkout times? Other than that they were fine. They don’t have any reviews.

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Oh please do mention it in the public review and as loudly as you can!

I wouldn’t want to host them for such a sense of entitlement if they’re booking me on the other side of the ferry journey! Would you?


I would mention it in the review, but keep it factual. I would just say something like, “Guests were reminded three times of the 11AM check out time, but did not check out until 11:50.”


Agree it belongs in the review. I think guests are used to a grace period they get with hotels. Definitely mention it, something like guests were pleasant, stayed one night but unfortunately checked out almost an hour late despite several reminders from us. They seemed non chalalant about the inconvenience this caused us and our professional cleaner who wasted an hour waiting for them to exit.


Yes definitely in the review! The bit that got me was when they told you they were out already (‘yes we are’) which was a blatant lie. They knew exactly what they were doing


I might just copy and paste this I like it so much!!

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Happy to help! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Tell me this is a deliberate spelling for effect!

I can picture the late-leaving guest, when asked to leave, with fingers in his ears going ‘no sha la la la…’


This is pretty well exactly what I was going to write. I can understand someone sleeping in and scrambling to leave, and apologetically asking for a few extra minutes to exit the house. But to actually lie to you about having left is inexcusable and they should be called out on it somehow.


Sorry, ipad typo! …

I think the “yes we are” was the guests answer to the question, are you aware of our check out time?. I don’t think it meant they left and are were saying they had left the unit already.
They are certainly showing their disrespect to you and your hospitality by staying without making a polite effort to request extended time - very entitled guests.

Oh could be, hard to know without knowing the exact wording in the message. Either way, as you say, totally disrespectful to the hosts. This would would have been the perfect time for the guests to say ‘oh I’m so sorry, we didn’t realise the time, we’ll be on our way as soon as possible’, as any half decent human would have done

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It seems this is one aspect in which I differ from most people here. I’ve got a relatively relaxed attitude towards checkout. My nominal checkout time is 11 am, but it would not even be worth mentioning if they left at noon.

But I suppose my circumstances are different. And schedules are tighter in the West too. People are actually on time for things. Stuff like that.

Public review, by all means.