Melbourne St kilda price increase?

Anyone in this area expect to dramatically increase prices over New Years and end of the year, what’s the most popular months at the end of the year if your a regular host? I have not increased my prices but thinking I should for December. People are already booking in advance makes me think I need to get on it. Would love to hear your advice.

I don’t live in your area but I do have 2 countries I host in and I increase it for the christmas Holidays until new years. then its back to normal prices. Generally 20% more. but check your area to see what other people are doing.

Hope that helps.

Check what other hosts are doing in the area already which should give you an idea

I’m in Southbank and have upped my prices by about $15-20 a night from the start of October onwards and more for Xmas and New Years. Most of the rest of the year is booked out already.